Super Ready Battle Armour #3 Review: It’s There

It’s hard to be bamboozled by a story. It’s also very hard to grind a story to a halt, and yet Super Ready Battle Armour #3 managed to do so. It’s a weird situation and it’s not yet done. SRBA 3 has more problems now more than ever. Whilst the art style is consistently getting …

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The Death of Heroism: Battle For Bustle #2 Review

How far would you worship an unresponsive hero? How much of your people’s future can you hinge on one man? Battle For Bustle #2 explores these details in Leigh Chalker’s latest creation. Battle For Bustle #2 is as hopeless, frantic, and mental as I remember the first one. The action has not let up, and …

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A Noble Monk’s Epic: Throk #1 Review

Stories of noble warriors traveling the world have populated many legends. Stories like Andrzej Sapkowski’s The Witcher to the epic of Sun Wukong’s Journey to the West became legends for their odyssey. Not many comics, however, follow such an adventure.  Throk #1 is among those stories medieval fantasy stories that offer revenge, failure, and acceptance. …

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How Funny is Naivete? Rose Collection Volume 1 Review

When I was a child, one of the first exposures I had with comic books are Sunday comic strips. These three to four-panel stories were short but dense stories that made me love the mainstream stories even more. Rose Collection Volume 1 is among those that try its best to invoke the tickle of these …

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This Is Not The End: Wrath of the Cursed Part 4 Review

Not all stories take long, but many tell all the right stories. Wrath of the Cursed Part 4 is not the strongest end to a tale of endless war. Even then, it’s satisfying in its own right. This supposed cap to the story of the Cursed is not the best by far. Regardless, the choices …

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Words Can Never Hurt… or Do They? Word Smith #1 Review

Steampunk stories can become a dime a dozen, but not in Australian comics. They’re quite rare because the steampunk subgenre is not particularly tied to the local culture. This makes me enjoy what occasional steampunk story I find, with the likes of Word Smith. Sigmate Studio’s Word Smith is a good, fun story with a …

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One Door Opens, Another Closes: Collateral – Dear John #4 Review

When does hero worship become too much? When do civilians get the right to rise up and stop being collateral damage? These are the questions that Matt and Lee ask with Collateral – Dear John #4. Titled “One Door Opens, Another Closes”, we look deeper into the disenfranchisement of John, Mary, and their family. The …

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Killeroo: Scars Review – A HoROOfically Chilling Origin Tale

Killeroo Scars marks the explosive debut of our principal marsupial protagonist Rufus onto the Australian comic book scene. This one-shot origin issue conceived by the brilliant mind of Darren Close is equal parts fast-paced thriller and HoROOfic origin story, embracing historic and cultural lore that is as brutal and unforgiving as the harsh climate upon …

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