Super Ready Battle Armour #3 Review: It’s There

Super Ready Battle Armour #3 reviewed by Jerome March 17, 2021

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It’s hard to be bamboozled by a story. It’s also very hard to grind a story to a halt, and yet Super Ready Battle Armour #3 managed to do so. It’s a weird situation and it’s not yet done.

SRBA 3 has more problems now more than ever. Whilst the art style is consistently getting better, the plotting is making me scratch my head. The narrative suffered from overtalk without offering a lot.

The Story and Writing of SRBA #3: 404


Super Ready Battle Armour #3 is a comic book published by Halftone Productions. The story is written and lettered by Bradley Adan and illustrated by Luis Ergueta Roldan and Mijin Prenzler.

SRBA follows Infector as he transports a near-death B.A., asking for help from his mentor. Infector seemingly overloaded the use of his powers, morphing into a beast of energy.

I’d like to start with some positives I’ve seen. So far, the story as a whole is great. It’s quite original and the direction is something I would love in a 50-page story. If I can actually get a proper adventure, I can see how this would be like a truly good story.

Right now, I’m not sure what I don’t see with the story. I personally don’t see the story moving at all, with much of the plot and exposition somehow staying where it is from close to the start to the end. The same gripes exist for how the characters interact, which makes this feel like it was closely developed with SRBA #2. I will go as far as to say that the entire story has gone 404 so far.

The primary issue of the story comes from a side character who has a major role for this story. His role 70% of the script comes from him, and he talks too much without pushing the story. Not only is he a weird, creepy dude who is none too happy to sedate every person he talks to, he’s also the cause of several plot inconsistencies.

There’s too much chatter and I can count at least half a dozen panels that the story can move on without them. I feel like I’m missing something and that kills the entire experience for me.

Another issue I see is the excessive meandering. So far, we’re three issues in and we still don’t know what’s happening. The main character has been knocked out for ⅔ of the story and it’s only been two days in-story.

The Art of SRBA: Too Much Chibi

So far, the art of Super Ready Battle Armour #3 has consistent art. Apart from how they got the eyes weirder this time, the art has been consistently easy on the eyes. Whilst the artists are great at their work, they were a little too slap-happy with their chibi design.

When they’re drawing the normal designs, it seems everything feels right with the characters. The problem comes when they overly focus on one character of the issue. They overextend the welcome of the character and offer seemingly unnecessary panelling.

I’m not sure what happened at all. There’s no point to art if the story doesn’t keep going.

Tell Me What I Missed With Super Ready Battle Armour #3

Should you read Super Ready Battle Armour #3? I suggest reading it yourself. I likely missed a few areas or the comics doesn’t suit my tastes. I suggest giving it a read, and tell me what I got wrong.

Rating: 3/5

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