Toby and the Magic Pencil – Issue #2 REVIEW

Toby and the Magic Pencil #2 reviewed by T.L. Diggles November 30, 2020

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Set immediately after the first issue, #2 finds Toby and his friends still on the run from his dejected dragon creation (aka ‘The Great Sid Sizzle’). Together they race in search of Toby’s brother Garth, the other half of the magic pencil, and any clues to help locate the brothers‘ missing mother.  Quick on the literal draw, Toby stifles Sid Sizzle’s revenge plans by creating a gigantic sharp toothed fish that would swallow Sid whole.  We meet Taya, a feisty young woman intent on helping herself and those trapped inside the giant fish, even if it means befriending a fire breathing dragon. Will they accept her and help each other to escape?

Toby’s father makes his return to the storyline. From his hospital bed he sets about making unspecified repairs with the help of some pencilled creations, namely a trio of teddies.  However, unbeknownst to him he is about to get a surprise visitor (remember the creepy mob boss?) Will the teddies be able to save Dad?

Toby and his friends find themselves in the elusive King Edward and Queen Sophies castle met instead by a mischievous Court Jester and an angry throne chair ‘Gerk’ intent on taking the power of the magic pencils for themselves.  Faced with a series of challenging situations a trapped Toby challenges the Court Jester and Gerk as to the whereabouts of his brother Garth.  Trapped Toby has an inkling of how to escape the mad pair and decides to a leap of faith that leads him and his friends to become captain and crew of a pirate ship, but will this lead them to make more adversaries than allies?

So what do we have here? A great second issue and a vast improvement on the first (original first issue) . Treat your family to a thoroughly entertaining read, especially suited for young readers.  As mentioned in my review of the first issue, I would still place this for readers aged 10-12, based on themes, artwork style and dialogue.  Again, I would say that this is good place to start reading comics and to give Australian books a go!

Rating: 4/5

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Australian author T. L. Diggles is a lover of freshly brewed tea and creamy milk chocolate, warm hearty pastas, and rainy days. She also loves to write adult fantasy fiction and YA short stories, while reading and reviewing comics in her spare time. Currently living and writing in the leafy northern suburbs of Brisbane alongside her husband, sons, and white German Shepherd.

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