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Cthulhu Williams #0 reviewed by Jerome December 24, 2020
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There are so many comic books that use Lovecraftian lore as parts of their stories. They’re so overused, that it’s weird to find original stories about them in current stories. Yet, Cthulhu Williams #0 shines among them.

Cthulhu Williams #0 is one of the finer action-suspense stories I’ve seen in a while. It has a lot of potential to be a great story better than mainstream supernatural comic book tales.

Did You Just Punch Cthulhu, Cthulhu?

Cthulhu Williams #0 is an action-suspense comic book published by Big Tim’s Funny Books. The story is created and written by Tim Stiles and drawn by Mortimer Glum.

The story revolves around Cthulhu Williams, a grizzled supernatural detective. He goes around Australia solving different paranormal and cryptozoological cases, resolving them with utmost efficiency it seems.

Williams also goes around with a team of crack experts to help him. Trixx is the tech and cybersecurity expert whilst Mister Grey is an alien weapon specialist and sidekick to Cthulhu. He solves his cases through sheer grit.

Cthulhu does so with an inherent ability that he has: he is naturally immune to all effects of supernatural beings. At the same time, he can affect any supernatural being with his attacks. He literally punches Old Gods and puts them into sleeper holds.

Issue #0 is a hunt for the missing children in Collector, NSW and its connections with the mystical monster, Tall Man.

Simple Fun Ghostbusting Adventures: The Chtulhu Williams Story

Cthulhu Williams #0 is among the best indie comic books I’ve read in a while. Story-wise, its plot and pacing are superb. It clearly tells the story it wants without becoming boring or stale. The pacing is just right, with no rush to divulge unnecessary details.

For a #0 special issue, it’s quite a good introduction. It’s easy to read, simple to digest and 100% fun. The characters are personable and feel alive, rather than hyperrealistic archetypes. The characters have a very Australian feel to them too.

Cthulhu Williams is a weird main character that flip flops between hero and anti-hero. He’s funny, sarcastic, sardonic, and confident, making him a quintessential Australian Alpha male in my book.

Williams is also comparable to well-known mainstream Marvel and DC characters. He feels like a Constantine prototype, right down to his connection with the occult. The only difference is he knows zero magic so far, but rather is immune to all its effects.

He’s also reminiscent of Marvel’s Hannibal King in his powerset, though he is not a vampire. In a world full of zombies, Old Gods, and demons, full immunity to the occult is crazy overpowered.

The story is also great at playing around what few characters are available in the story. 

The basicness of the story is a testament to the vision of Tim Stiles so far. It’s a quick introduction into the world he wants to show, and it works. It piqued my interest enough that I’m now excited for issue 1 of the comic book.

The Crazy Good Art of Cthulhu Williams #0

The art of Cthulhu Williams #0 is perfect in every way. The entire comic book feels like something you’ll find from the shelves in the ‘80s and ‘90s. The art style and colours are reminiscent of some of the best artists I’ve seen in mainstream comic books.

For starters, the realistic proportions and life-like images are reminiscent of Alex Ross’ techniques. In particular, the shading and colouring remind me of Batman: War on Crime. Everything is beautiful and expressive in their own way.

Why Read Cthulhu Williams #0 ?

Should you read Cthulhu Williams #0? Everything is a resounding yes. Cthulhu Williams is among the top 5 Australian comic books in my list right now, not counting nostalgia stories like Jackaroo. It is, at the very least, a clear Top 10 comic book.

If you want straightforward action-suspense and love occult stories, Cthulhu Williams #0 will scratch the proverbial itch. It’s hard not to enjoy the story and look forward to the upcoming issues.

Rating: 5/5

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