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Welcome to, Australia’s Home of the Local Comic Store, Local Australian Comic Creatives and Comic-related Events. Use our directory to find your new local store, get notified about comic-related events, and just keep up to date with everything local comic books. We have all the details you need to celebrate and share your love of comics. If you can’t find your local comic shop in the list, feel free to submit the details and we’ll get in touch with the owners and add them ASAP. ComX is a community, and fanboys & fangirls like you and me can make this the best darn comic site in Australia. Thanks again for dropping by. Here’s to the local Indie Creator Community….. cheers!

The Australian Comic Book Community needs help, and our mission is to provide that help! 
By providing a central place for the Australian Comic Book Community where fans, would-be fans and creators can find each other.   Fans can find their Local Comic Shop with ease and even better find out about all the local events in their area.

Hi Shane Syddall here, you may remember me from such Websites as “” or “”

But seriously ever since 1980 when I picked up my first Asterix Comic it’s been a love affair like none other.   I can’t describe in words the joy comics give me.  Even looking at the boxes they are stored in makes me smile with happiness.    Its a sickness I know.   From a young age, I started trying to draw my own comic characters and at first, they were all “Australian” based heroes and villains with the odd Kiwi characters thrown in for good measure.  You see I’m very proud to be Australian as well and after years on a staple diet of the American “Big 2” comic companies, I decided to find out what my own back yard produced.

To be honest it was a hard slog finding out who was out there and what was available in Australian produced comics.    This didn’t sit right.  It shouldn’t be this hard, even the iconic Killeroo didn’t pop up in my searches at first.  The more I learnt was out there the more I learned there was so much more.  And don’t get me started on Australian Comic Creators… they were like an enigma I swear.    Don’t get me wrong, once you’re in the right circle the names start flowing.   But you need to get into one of these circles or its not easy.

IT SHOULD BE EASY.   And me being me took it upon myself to be the one who would make it easy.   Hence the idea for “Comics Network Australia” was born and from it we evolved into ComX netAU…. or ComX for short.   With one mission:  To fill all the holes we had found while literally trying to find the industry.   I have one constant phrase:   “It should be easy”.  Whether it should be easy to find Comic stores in Australia, to it should be easy to find creators and their creations, to, it should be easy to find all the events related to comics around Australia.

So I guess that’s our mission, to make it easy for fans, would-be fans and even for creators to find each other.

We are here to help more people discover the Australian Comic Community and fall in love with it as I did.

The Australian Comic landscape is very disjointed and so many creators don’t know about each other or fans don’t know who else is out there.  Our goal is to rectify that and create an easy to use hub that joins all the dots to one place.   This service is free and always will be.  We are here to help the industry and Community.

The site is a FREE resource for the Comic Community in Australia, making shops easier to find, Events easier to hear about and to bring together Comic Creators and fans alike.

To date, I have been using the current make-shift website to promote Comic stores and Comic Creators as much as I can on Social media.   My only limits to date have been gaining permission to share information in certain places in social media.   I’ve been using Facebook, Facebook Groups, Twitter, Instagram and even LinkedIn to promote as much as I humanly can without crossing into spamming territory although I’m sure there will be those who believe I’ve crossed the line.  This is a labour of love that I easily spend 20 to 40 hrs a week maintaining the site and keeping a constant stream of information about the Creators who signed up and the shops I’ve found so far, on top of part-time work.   Earlier in the year, I was also promoting Comic related events but then COVID19 happened.   I look forward to starting this part of the site up again. 

The new site will look better and more importantly function better and really become a useful tool for anyone in or interested in the industry and Community.

This is not a money-making venture, it’s a charity I guess you’d say to help new comic creatives break into the industry and experienced creatives get to know everyone else they can collaborate with. 

Know a store that’s not listed? Encourage them to contact me.   Know a Creator not listed on the site, easy, encourage them to fill in the Local Talent Application Form.   And lastly, if you know of any Comic-related events occurring around Australia please PLEASE let me know, these are so hard to track down.

Please help us finish and do some great things to help the industry and Community in Australia.

Thank you for your time and your support.

Comics Network Australia
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