No Mans Land cover

No Woman Left Behind – Sheydin Dew’s No Man’s Land #1

“Game On!”  When leading roller-blading trio ‘The Queens’ decide to explore new horizons, four upcoming groups will battle it out to determine who is most deserving of their territory. Navigating what has become a toxic environment fuelled with violent rivalry, will the girls be overwhelmed by their differences or will they learn that they are …

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Apocalypse Then And Now: In Purgatory #3 Review

It’s rare to see the words “Four Horsemen”, “comedy”, and “fantasy” in one sentence. Even then, In Purgatory #3 has the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in a fantasy-comedy comic book! That’s awesome. In Purgatory #3, titled Apocalypse Then and Now, is the best chapter of the series so far. Not only has the quality …

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Originally published by The Aither Horaman No 1. features the debut appearance of Horaman, a masked superhero created by Australian writer and film producer Shayne Armstrong in 2019. The comic is written by Shayne, and illustrated by fellow Australian Glenn Manders. Born in 1970, Shane has worked for years in the film and television industries …

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XCT issue 0

Not The Spartacus They’re Looking For

XCT or Xtreme Champion Tournament is a cool comic that has its head in the right place. For those who love Roman and Greek epics, XCT Spartacus #0 is something for you. While not the meatiest opening issue for a comic book, it clearly details what we should expect from the franchise. Hopefully, the story …

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Hell Courtesan Review: Kane and Pitcairn’s Magnum Opus

Japanese history is one of the most interesting reads. Beyond stories about the samurai, the shoguns, and the royalty, among the most intriguing are stories of its historical entertainers sex workers. Their life is not only one of misery but also one of luxury. Hell Courtesan is one of those legendary stories that you rarely …

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‘Straya, F*** Yeah Mate! Bazza The Bogan Barbarian Review

There are only a few comics that I can classify as bodaciously Australian comic books. These are stories where they are 100% Australian when you squeeze every once. Bazza The Bogan Barbarian’s Australian Alien Invasion is your quintessential Australian story. Much like its predecessors like The Jackaroo, Australian Alien Invasion has so much Australia flowing …

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Chimera #1 Review: Gift of a Curse

Superpowers can be treated as a gift or a curse, depending on which fictional character you ask. Ask the question from Charles Xavier or Max Eisenhardt, and they’ll tell you it’s a gift. Ask the Morlocks and it’s a curse. Chimera #1 is a story of a curse – a plague on a woman’s life. …

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Fox and Hound #1: Weaponised Femininity

The femme fatale is a master of weaponised femininity, and it treads the thin line between empowerment and hypersexualisation. When tastefully done, it’s one of the most powerful storytelling tools that create supremely strong women. Fox and Hound #1 is one of the most mature femme fatale heist stories I’ve seen ever. Whilst it is …

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This Is Not The End: Wrath of the Cursed Part 4 Review

Not all stories take long, but many tell all the right stories. Wrath of the Cursed Part 4 is not the strongest end to a tale of endless war. Even then, it’s satisfying in its own right. This supposed cap to the story of the Cursed is not the best by far. Regardless, the choices …

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The Devil’s Toilet #1 Review: Everyone Poops

Everyone Poops. That little phrase is both a fairly self-evident fact and the title of an iconic children’s educational book originating in Japan. So iconic is the US translation in fact, that it has often found its way into that barometer of American culture – the sitcom. So yes – everybody needs to attend the …

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