The Fate of Duty: The Wrath of the Cursed Part 1Review

Stories of the Sengoku Era or Warring States period of Japan offer some of the most beautiful tales. Much like how we adore medieval stories like Game of Thrones, gritty stories like Wrath of the Cursed Part 1 show how much we love these exploits. Whilst Wrath of the Cursed is a fantastical tale, it …

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Maybe It’s All Bad: Collateral – Dear John #5 Review

Good things sometimes need an end, and Collateral – Dear John #5 is the end to this brief inspection into the human psyche. Even with this temporary ending (it’s a 12 chapter story), the chapter feels abrupt, making you ask for more. It’s All Bad is not all bad at all. It has its good …

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A Noble Monk’s Epic: Throk #1 Review

Stories of noble warriors traveling the world have populated many legends. Stories like Andrzej Sapkowski’s The Witcher to the epic of Sun Wukong’s Journey to the West became legends for their odyssey. Not many comics, however, follow such an adventure.  Throk #1 is among those stories medieval fantasy stories that offer revenge, failure, and acceptance. …

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Niteside and the Rock #1 Retro Review: A Classic is a Classic

Apart from Cyclone! Comics, I haven’t had the chance to sink my teeth into older Australian comics. A good chunk of the reason for this is they’re hard to find digitally. Having not lived in Australia’s 80’s comics boom, many of these stories seem lost to time… until today. Niteside and the Rock #1 is …

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Most Ambitious Crossover Ever: Adventure Illustrated #1 Review

Marvel once claimed that “Infinity War was the most ambitious crossover ever. Marvel, however, didn’t know about Adventure Illustrated. Adventure Illustrated combines some of Cyclone’s most well-known heroes, and then some. From Cyclone Force, Greener Pastures, to Red Kelso, you’ll find three different types of adventures for you. Every story offers something different to the …

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Originally published by The Aither Horaman No 1. features the debut appearance of Horaman, a masked superhero created by Australian writer and film producer Shayne Armstrong in 2019. The comic is written by Shayne, and illustrated by fellow Australian Glenn Manders. Born in 1970, Shane has worked for years in the film and television industries …

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The Price of Loyalty: In Purgatory #2 Review

Vendetta is a hard thing to keep, especially after death. Even then, the idea of revenge lasting after you pass away is something In Purgatory #2 tries to deal with. In Purgatory #2, titled The Ghost That Haunts, is a continuation of the swerves and chicanery to further a long-standing grudge. It is painful to …

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Toby and the Magic Pencil issue 2 cover

Toby and the Magic Pencil – Issue #2 REVIEW

Set immediately after the first issue, #2 finds Toby and his friends still on the run from his dejected dragon creation (aka ‘The Great Sid Sizzle’). Together they race in search of Toby’s brother Garth, the other half of the magic pencil, and any clues to help locate the brothers‘ missing mother.  Quick on the …

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Freakin’ Awesome: Freakenstein #1 Review

Metal, guts, gore, and zombies. It’s a good day when a comic book ticks all these boxes for me, and today’s a good day. Freakenstein #1 is as crazy as it gets, with its Justice League Dark meets Metalocalypse meets DCeased type of gig. It’s as awesome as it gets, and you’ll find yourself enjoying …

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