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Plan B #2: We Rely on Idiocy and Luck

In a comic book industry where grim, dystopian futures built on a foundation of savage betrayals and devastating tragedy, Plan B are back to remind the reader to just relax and have some fun.   We start with a little exposition, delightfully presented in the form of a half-baked agent’s briefing mixed with an action news …

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Transhuman #1: The Shape of Things to Come

Transhuman is AMBITIOUS. The opening set-up makes it clear that there is a big story to tell, and this is just a taste of what’s to follow. And it’s a solid opening to what will hopefully be a long and fascinating series. Transhuman #1 Rivka’s Story introduces us to a world in the near future, …

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The Devil’s Toilet #1 Review: Everyone Poops

Everyone Poops. That little phrase is both a fairly self-evident fact and the title of an iconic children’s educational book originating in Japan. So iconic is the US translation in fact, that it has often found its way into that barometer of American culture – the sitcom. So yes – everybody needs to attend the …

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Devil’s Toilet #2: The Number Two Review

Comics are fun! If any central message is to be gleaned from Rob Lisle’s quirkily offbeat series The Devil’s Toilet, that must surely be it. Don’t come here for dark commentaries on the human soul or paeans of praise for the special nature of humanity and their place in the universe. Do come here if …

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Super Ready Battle Armour #3 Review: It’s There

It’s hard to be bamboozled by a story. It’s also very hard to grind a story to a halt, and yet Super Ready Battle Armour #3 managed to do so. It’s a weird situation and it’s not yet done. SRBA 3 has more problems now more than ever. Whilst the art style is consistently getting …

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Steven Christie’s Turtlenecks Review: High Art Jokes At Their Finest

Comic books are art, but it’s hard to integrate the actual art world into comics. Not a lot of readers, or even writers, can make the fanciful world of high culture readable. One day, I received an email that contained a review copy of Steven Christie’s Turtlenecks. Turtlenecks is a funny, existential comedy with a …

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A Great Ape Caper: Gorilla My Dreams #1 Review

If a noir-style superhero-spoof, starring a talking gorilla Private Investigator with rage issues, and the unfortunate (and supernatural) death of a mime sounds like your kind of thing, then Gorilla My Dreams is definitely your kind of thing. And if it’s not your kind of thing, then make it so. This one is worth a …

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Angry Squad

Sensitive by Accident? Angry Squad: Code Angry Review

As people age, among their many worries is their loss of youth and purpose. Some people make do by giving themselves things to do. Others try to forget what ails them and takes on the world head-on, like bulls in a china shop. Angry Squad: Code Angry follows such a person – a bullish man …

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Toby and the Magic Pencil issue 2 cover

Toby and the Magic Pencil – Issue #2 REVIEW

Set immediately after the first issue, #2 finds Toby and his friends still on the run from his dejected dragon creation (aka ‘The Great Sid Sizzle’). Together they race in search of Toby’s brother Garth, the other half of the magic pencil, and any clues to help locate the brothers‘ missing mother.  Quick on the …

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