Is It A Wrath of the Cursed Story? The Pirate Queen Review

It’s a rare treat to find a story go from one time period to another, but here we are. Wrath of the Cursed has moved on from its fantasy Japan setting to another generation, with the same premise and the same promise. Even then, does it work? The Pirate Queen is swashbuckling adventure which only …

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Perfect: The Wizard of O2 Review

Fairy tales retold are some of the most common topics in comic books, but it’s rare to find one that works at all levels of storytelling. The Wizard of O2 is a familiar but unique take on the genre – a type of double subversion that comes out of the left field. The Wizard of …

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Dustin Schmidt – Review #1 (Maurice and the Metal)

“What in the name of Dio!” exclaims Black Sabbath roadie, Russell, after blowing the power in a competition to prove music sounds better live against fellow roadie, Verge. Russell’s body is subsequently consumed in a tragic on-stage explosion, leaving his spirit trapped inside a Walkman (that’s a cassette tape player, kids – Ed.) This all …

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Super Ready Battle Armour #3 Review: It’s There

It’s hard to be bamboozled by a story. It’s also very hard to grind a story to a halt, and yet Super Ready Battle Armour #3 managed to do so. It’s a weird situation and it’s not yet done. SRBA 3 has more problems now more than ever. Whilst the art style is consistently getting …

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Cyclone Redux issue 2 cover

Redux 2 – The Birth of an Aussie Comics Universe

Following an eventful birth in 1985, the infant Cyclone Comics was in for more change in 1986. Gary Chaloner, creator and co-founder, added publisher to his list of credits when McKerr Whitfield (according to Chaloner’s recollection in the preface) “went bust”. This change added financial responsibility to the mix but – as we will see …

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plan b2

Plan B #2: We Rely on Idiocy and Luck

In a comic book industry where grim, dystopian futures built on a foundation of savage betrayals and devastating tragedy, Plan B are back to remind the reader to just relax and have some fun.   We start with a little exposition, delightfully presented in the form of a half-baked agent’s briefing mixed with an action news …

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Originally published by The Aither Horaman No 1. features the debut appearance of Horaman, a masked superhero created by Australian writer and film producer Shayne Armstrong in 2019. The comic is written by Shayne, and illustrated by fellow Australian Glenn Manders. Born in 1970, Shane has worked for years in the film and television industries …

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Stuck At Potential: Super Ready Battle Armour #1 Review

Part of doing reviews is seeing a lot of stories, especially first chapters. You’re bound to see many great opening stories, many of which offer insight into a new world. Over time, you’ll find some stories that are harder than usual to digest. Super Ready Battle Armour #1 offers quite an artistic, manga-like take into …

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‘Straya, F*** Yeah Mate! Bazza The Bogan Barbarian Review

There are only a few comics that I can classify as bodaciously Australian comic books. These are stories where they are 100% Australian when you squeeze every once. Bazza The Bogan Barbarian’s Australian Alien Invasion is your quintessential Australian story. Much like its predecessors like The Jackaroo, Australian Alien Invasion has so much Australia flowing …

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Torn Between Two Covers

We all grew up fed a stream of American films, TV series, and of course comics. Whether it was Marvel or DC, what we read was always based on American culture, locations, and language.  So, when an Australian comic came along, it was always great to read about us, our culture, and language. During the …

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