Dark Nebula 11 – It’s All About Chaos… in Theory

When last we… nebulised (?)… Not a recap issue. Not a one-off story. Readers new and old have been brought up to speed with the Dark Nebula, so now it’s time to dive back into the mythos. At the very end of Dark Nebula #10, we were tantalised by the sudden appearance of Cerellus, the …

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The Dark Nebula 10 – He’s Back! He’s Really Back!

Thirty Years in the Making The publishing history of Tad Pietrzykowski’s iconic Aussie superhero is long… and short. As detailed in a previous review, The Dark Nebula first appeared in 1982, spent the next decade appearing in various titles under the Cyclone banner (including eight issues of his own title), then… he went away. In …

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What is art? That is a question that has been pondered probably since art began. Is it an attempt to hold a mirror to creation and in some way assert understanding or control over it? Is it simply an act of creation in its own right? Or is it, as many maintain, our feeble attempt …

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Five Stars in 5 Seconds

In a world where superheros are tech savvy billionaires, other worldly gods, mutants or science experiments gone wrong (or right?), meet a young man with the power to see 5 seconds into the future every time he has to make a decision…Sound awesome?Well the answer is no and you can be forgiven for thinking that …

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plan b 2

Plan B #2 – ‘We rely on idiocy and luck’

In a comic book industry where grim, dystopian futures built on a foundation of savage betrayals and devastating tragedy, Plan B are back to remind the reader to just relax and have some fun.   We start with a little exposition, delightfully presented in the form of a half-baked agent’s briefing mixed with an action news …

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Fatherhood Oneshot – Raw Love, True Emotion

“When you give a man a love the weight of the world… you have to accept the possibility of crushing him.”  How deep is a father’s love? How far will he go for his child? When everything else is taken away, nothing matters more than to see them happy. Even if it is just one …

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shaka 1

Shaka #1 – The First Step on the Road To Greatness

Shaka is the auspicious origin story of a young man born during the worst storm Southern Africa has ever seen.  The apple of his mother’s eye and an illegitimate source of shame to his great father and half-family, is this young boy on the path to manhood destined for greatness?  His father Ikosi (the chief) …

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the apparition

The Apparition Review: The Ghost That Satirises

The heroes of yore are fondly remembered for their swashbuckling adventures, with many a comic fan growing up to love them. From The Phantom to The Tick to Superman, heroes are the shining beacon of hope and light… until they overstay their welcome. Kieran Jack’s The Apparition is a comedic satire of things we’ve come …

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Too Many Chooks?

Were you ever in a writing class and teacher said “I want you to write a story based on the following phrase…”? It would appear that somebody in the Reverie stable has posed that very challenge. The phrase in this case is “Too many chooks”. The result is Vamoose #1, a collection of stories by …

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Chimera #1 Review: Gift of a Curse

Superpowers can be treated as a gift or a curse, depending on which fictional character you ask. Ask the question from Charles Xavier or Max Eisenhardt, and they’ll tell you it’s a gift. Ask the Morlocks and it’s a curse. Chimera #1 is a story of a curse – a plague on a woman’s life. …

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