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Are You Ready to Add Your Australian Indie Comics to the ComX shop?

The ComX Shop was created to help promote and sell Australian Indie Comics using the power of Community. By grouping as many titles as possible under one roof we create a super store that attracts more customers. We ship from one address reducing the cost of shipping for the consumer making purchasing more comics more attractive.
The store is actively promoted on several live streams across the web as both a sponsor and place to purchase Australian Comics. This means stocking with ComX Shop is advantageous to all involved.

To get started adding your comics to our catalogue, firstly, introduce yourself and your comics by sending a short bio and electronic sample to our Quality Control Team at

We will proceed by letting you know within a week if your comics are of the high standard that is expected by our customers, and if so, you will need to supply to us the following:

For advertising and marketing purposes (increasing engagement, reach, and ultimately, sales to customers) you will also be expected to provide via email:
  • Full list of all contributors in each issue.
  • An image of the cover for each issue including any variants.
  • Price you wish each issue to be sold at.
  • A full synopsis of each issue (length is whatever it needs to be to fully explain the comic).
  • A sentence or short paragraph “pitch” of each issue.
  • Genre/s you believe each comic fits into.
  • If the comic requires any warnings eg mature content, offensive material, sexual content, drug use, etc.
  • Page count of each issue.
  • Whether the interior pages are full colour, B&W, a mix, accent colour, etc.
  • OPTIONAL (but strongly encouraged): 1 to 4 sample pages to help promote each comic
Template for your Convenience
The above is simply to help us attract more customers to your comics and entice them to purchase.
ComX Shop will:

We will promote books from the store on social media using the information provided above

Expected of the Publisher and/or Creator:

Actively promote that your books are available on the ComX Shop (and other places you stock your comic)


  • Creators get a generous 80% of sales which are paid at the end of each financial quarter.
  • Stock is held on consignment.
  • Our Quarterly Sales Report will be promptly provided to you, stating remaining stock of each title.
  • A Sales Report for the Quarter with the remaining stock levels of each title will be given and the total monies you are owed.
  • This Report will also provide a summary of the total you are owed, for which you will be required to submit an invoice with the owed amount to ComX Shop before payment can be made. Our staff make this an easy and straightforward process.
  • To ensure that our ComX Shop continues to provide quality service and products to both creators and customers, we take a small 20% commission on all sales.

Invoice templates can be supplied to those not set up to give invoices.


  • We bag and board all comics that are of a size that can be with standard comic bags and boards.
  • All comics are sent in a box with padding; no straight envelopes.
  • All packages are sent through AusPost with tracking as standard.


Shane Syddall and ComX Team

Liability statement:

Neither Shane Syddall nor the ComX team takes responsibility for the following: Lost packages. Damaged goods from the publisher or to the customer. All returns by customers for any reason are at the cost to the publisher and ComX and its team hold no responsibility for costs involved in refunding or replacing goods.

ComX Shop will take responsibility for shipping incorrect orders and the costs of replacing the incorrect goods.

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