This Is Not The End: Wrath of the Cursed Part 4 Review

The Wrath of the Cursed #4 reviewed by Jerome February 13, 2021

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Not all stories take long, but many tell all the right stories. Wrath of the Cursed Part 4 is not the strongest end to a tale of endless war. Even then, it’s satisfying in its own right.

This supposed cap to the story of the Cursed is not the best by far. Regardless, the choices made here are consistent to what should be expected. As I know there are after stories coming, this is not yet the end of Matt Kyme’s tale.

From Father To Child: The Story of Wrath of the Cursed Part 4

Wrath of the Cursed Part 4 is an indie Australian comic self-published, written, and drawn by Matt Kyme. Graeme Jackson is still handling lettering, whilst Roger Stitson handled proofreading. Graeme Jackson and Brendon Dann also helped with series development and consultation.

The story of Part 4 follows years into the future, where Cole The Cursed is killing the leaders of Say Ton one by one. As he turned from a samurai to an assassin, he successfully murders the sleeping leader.

The Cycle of Hate: The Writing of Wrath of the Cursed Part 4


There is not a lot to extract from Wrath of the Cursed Part 4, storywise. More than a full chapter, the last part serves as a way to cap the current storyline. Much of the remaining pages consist of honourable single combat, and yet it tells a lot.

For starters, Cole is now consumed by revenge, more than love. In a toss coin between love and hate, Cole chose to bring his son with him into a world of hate. He did not choose to end the cycle, but rather chose to stay a cog in it.

In Buddhist myth, there is a concept called Samsara - the idea of endless cycles of birth, death, and rebirth, also known as rinne. To end hatred, one must choose to actively break the cycle and go above the tide of pain.

Matt Kyme, intentional or not, wrote Cole as a victim of Samsara. He and his child are very much like their fathers - prisoner of hates. As they are people full of love and passion, they hate just as much, as the love and hate are different side of the same coin.

Sure, Matt wrote this as an anti-hero end to Cole and his son. He tells his audience that this is a curse that will last generations into the future.

Good Art, Best Finish: The Art of Wrath of the Cursed Part 4


Much of the art of Wrath of the Cursed Part 4 is unchanged from the last chapters. Whilst it is among the weakest in story and content, it is among the best in art quality. It may need a little more inking, but the pencilling is superb.

At the same time, the speed of the plot’s pace matches what Matt is trying to achieve. He doesn’t want changes in pace, hence the paneling style. The entire story moves with neither frenzy nor frantic behavior. It makes you feel like you’re there as a direct witness.

It’s noticeable how the quality of the art has gotten better, and in this department, I find nothing to complain about at all.

Wrath of the Cursed Part 4 Is A Must Read

At this point, it’s smarter to say that Wrath of the Cursed Part 4 is a must-read. If you have come to this point of the story, I can tell you that you won’t feel disappointed with how it all ends. Wrath of the Cursed Part 4, however, is not a true end, per se. There are still tales to tell but of a different time and another place.

Rating: 4/5

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