Is It Your Average Detective Story?

Lana Leuka #1 reviewed by Jerome December 26, 2020
Blood Ties

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Detective stories are common, yet some still have this certain gravity that is easy to enjoy. Lana Leuka #1 is among those stories.

While Lana Leuka is a common story, it still captures your attention and should definitely get better in the future as the story continues. It has a lot of potential and I’m really looking forward to reading more.


Lana Leuka #1, titled Blood Ties, is a detective-action story published by Moxie Comics. The story is written by Tanya Beeson, with art from Lauren Marshall and colours by Kaylene Harris.

Lana Leuka follows an eponymous detective, a supernatural denizen of Ratchet City - a jackalope beastwoman complete with bunny ears and horns. Lana is out investigating the mysterious death of a scientist.

During the entire event, Lana Leuka searches for the only lead she has - a missing research assistant. Around the same time, human detective Jack Chase investigates the same death, only to look for more evidence.

Leuka uses her psychometric powers to find the research assistant. Chase goes a different route, finding Lana’s boss D, only to be circled back to a dead end.

As Lana carries the only witness to the entire event, they try their best to lose their tails and resolve the ongoing case.

Lana Leuka has a potential to become really good, but it has to progress. It can get better, with a strong potential story that can unfurl in the future. The next issue really needs to be longer so more story can be explored.

Lana Leuka is easy to digest. 

The plot is simple, straightforward, and does not offer too many branches. We’re following two perspectives - Lana’s and Chase’s, and there isn’t much going away from them.

It’s a bit problematic that Lana Leuka is too short for its own good, I REALLY wanted more pages. It doesn’t drag on, which is a good thing it has going for it. 

For starters, more exposition about the psychometric powers can help make the frames easier to understand.

There are also chunks of the plot that doesn’t do anything to move the story forward. There are specific situations that linger, with characters waiting on each other too much.

What Lana Leuka lacks in story complexity, it makes up for in art and a simple but enjoyable story that leaves you wanting more. The character design is beautiful and rich, reminiscent of the style used by Wildstorm Comics. The outlines are crisp, and every line works best to accentuate the character designs.

There are times when the background design can go sparse. This happens especially when there is a focus on the characters but it’s there when it counts. The details of the inking give off a feeling of noir, which fits the theme and the story.

Should you read Lana Leuka #1? The story has great potential, and Lana Leuka as a character can be a great read. She needs more of the spotlight on her on the next issue and a little extra exposition won’t hurt.

Lana Leuka is a great comic book for someone looking for an easy to digest fantasy-noir story. It can get better over time, and the main character is super interesting.

As an issue 1 it's great for introducing the character, maybe would have been better as an issue 0 as the comic doesn’t stand on its own.  It leaves you craving more, thats for sure and the promise of more its what makes it awesome, but if there wasn’t more the comic would be a disappointment. 

I would like to see the characters interact more and for the plot to move at a little better rate than it does right now.

Rating: 4.5/5

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