Gettin’ Jiggy with the Hillbillies – a look at the first issue of Killer Comics’ Killnowski

Killnowski #1 reviewed by LJLamey September 18, 2020

Cover Artist/s:

If you love gratuitous blood, gore, sex and violence, then look no further!

If you love Richard Laymon, you are going to enjoy this comic: think Stephen King without a conscience.

The cover suggests mature readers only and has some prominent dismemberment. Let’s be real, if you ignore that warning and still read this title, you get what you deserve.

In this debut issue, we are introduced to the Killnowskis, namely Ivan and his three inbred sons; Hank, Bill and Borkit. Beset on all sides by drought and veganism, they are a simple family unit trying to make their way in this world, battling to find a reliable food source for their ‘gators.

Killnowski Family

And where else can hillbillies find sustenance but city-folk who become lost on the winding backroads of the Wolston Reserve. Hell, they’re just trying to get by! Is it really their fault that they want to chase, kill and eat those they come across (not necessarily in that order)? In case you haven’t pegged it yet, I like a bit of dark humour. ‘Killnowski’ has it in spades (and you’ll get that pun after reading this issue).

But where this comic turns is when the magic happens – nothing earth-shattering, after all there is “nothing new under the sun..” and all that – but it gives the story a lovely twist leading to a great finale followed by what appears to be a curious lead into the future.

The art style is garish and raw – exactly what a genre fan wants. There’s lots of red, lots of darkness but still bright enough that you see all the action. The pencils contain enough detail to know ‘who’s who in the zoo’, the inking is tight and the lettering mostly complements the art and tells the story without being intrusive.


There is one line in the book that is extraneous and jarring. I tried to ignore it but it just stuck out and got stuck in my craw.  As it would be a spoiler I’ll refrain from quoting.  It didn’t stop me enjoying the book, but oh how I wish the team had left it out

Overall I really enjoyed the story, the art, the layouts and the quality. I’ll be looking for I an ongoing subscription, and keeping an eye out for more from Killer Comics for sure!

So if you are squeamish or if you don’t like hillbillies, do NOT read this book.

However, if you have a dark sense of humour, if you aren’t turned off by a bit of blood and gratuitous killing, and if you want to see how Ivan and his sons fight back against rampant veganism, then read on and enjoy!

A solid 3 ½ Bloody Machetes out of 5.

Rating: 3.5/5

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