Fencing for Friendship

Fencing for Friends #1 reviewed by Steve Saul April 1, 2021

Cover Artist/s:

In her first work published under the ComX imprint, Ms Diggles tells the simple tale of a friendship springing up in the depths of the COVID crisis.

Ms Diggles' deliberately simplified art and dialogue beautifully evoke the simplicity of childhood friendship, prevailing no matter the circumstances.

A breath of air in dark times - get on it!

Rating: 4.5/5

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Brought up on a diet of Disney comics, Thunder Birds and 1970s Saturday morning cartoons, Steve has been a comics fan proper since the mid '70s - first with Marvel comics; then later with EC and the wonderful independents of the '80s. After a spell of more than 20 years in which the collecting habit never fully left, he's back - and looking to explore the Aussie scene, old and new.

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