Dave de Vries

Dave de Vries

Superhero, Horror, Indie
Tony Menzie

Tony Menzie

Artist, Writer, Indie Comic Creator, Covers, Internals, Superhero, Horror, Sci-Fi, Samurai, Zombies, Fantasy, Portraits
Jarrod Elvin

Jarrod Elvin

Indie, comics, comic artist, artist, cartoons, original characters, superhero, adventure, mystery, thriller

Danny Zemp

At the moment I work on capes. But not in the style of Marvel or DC. I have my own style and it leans towards European influences.
Ben Mitchell

Ben Mitchell

Thriller, Noir, Satire, non-fiction, Punk

Tad Pietrzykowski

Superhero, Sci-fi
Darren Close

Darren Close

Primarily Superhero

Stuart Black

Superhero, Humour, Indie

Nicole Kane

Indie Comic Writer, Comic Letterer, Horror and Fantasy


Superhero, Indie, Self-Published
Cameron Davis

Cameron Davis

Rose is an all-ages humour comic about food and friendship!

Morgan Quaid

Supernatural horror, Sci-Fi Adventure, Post-Apocalyptic, Weird Fiction
Trust Dare Media

Quentin D. Young

Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Cli-Fi
Shane W Smith

Shane W Smith

Sci Fi, Political Thriller, Fantasy, long form Graphic Novels, zombie, family drama
Dave Dye

Dave Dye

Australian Action, Adventure, Humour

David Williams

Web Comic
Zac George

Isaac George

A blend of history and mythology, anti-hero

Bradley Adan

Manga, Superhero, Drama



Leigh Chalker

Sci-Fi, fantasy, dystopian
Colin Wells

Colin Wells

Superhero, Horror, Sci-Fi
Nathan Onias

Nathan Onias

Adventure, Science Fiction, Superhero, Children's Comics, Zine

Darren Koziol

Science Fiction (old-school style), horror, action, adventure, Indie

Gary Chaloner

Oli Ward comics

Oli Ward

Indie, High Sci-fi/Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Cartoon Style

Kieran Jack

Not your usual Independent comics.
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