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Comics Network Australia is your ultimate resource for comic book shops, events, discussions and Local Comic creating talent in Australia. Our goal is to connect you and your local comic book stores, Comic Creators with other Creators and you with Comic-related events around Australia. Whether it’s through comic events or some merch, we want everyone to enjoy this experience.

When we were children, many of us were lucky enough to experience the awesomeness of comic books. We all had our superheroes to aspire to. Many of us grew up to heroes who were there not only to inspire us but be our role models.

Superman. Batman. Spider-Man. The X-Men.

Many of us were lucky we grew up during the high time of comic books. We know we did. Some of us are only finding these heroes now through movies and TV.

Comics Network Australia wants everyone to enjoy comics. When small comic stores and comic fans connect, it’s a win for us. By using our listings and resources, we’re looking to help you find the comics you want.

We want everyone to find the comics they love and reconnect with the superheroes they grew up with. For new fans, we want you to enjoy the medium and find out more stories that tickle your fantasy.

For comic book collectors, we want to help you find your Moby Dick. We want you to find that special comic that will complete your collection within the Aussie marketplace. Comics Network Australia is here to help you find places where your passion for comic books belong. We at Comics Network Australia care about the fans and small businesses. Many comic shops are born out of sheer love for the medium. You’ll find almost all comic book shop owners are people who love geeky stuff just like you and me.

For Comic Creators we want fans to find you and your work so you can grow your fan base. Comics Network Australia is also a place for Creators to connect with other creators and shout each other on and even from time to time inspire group ventures. Basically to create a community for Comic Creators.

This is why we love hosting comic event listings here too. If we can help raise more awareness for your event, that’s more people uniting for their love of comics. Comics Network Australia is here because we Aussies love our comics. Let’s share the fun and enjoy it. We’ll help you find the nearest comic book community for you. We’ll help you find Events in that community. We’ll proudly help you find Australian Comics to add to your collection.

And there will come a day unlike any other, when we found ourselves united for the love of comics. Assemble!

Comics Network Australia
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