Why Local Comic Stores

Visiting a local comic book store is entering a land of wonders. You’re going into worlds that let you fight crime, worlds that let you fly. You go into a multiverse of possibilities and your wildest imaginations run wild.

Your comic shop around the corner has people like you. People who love geeky stuff. People who enjoy sitting down for a coffee while reading comic books or rolling a 20-sided die. They bleed comic books, enjoying masterful stories from many genres.

Are you trying to get into comics and don’t know where to start? Every comic shop has a master somewhere who can be a friend and introduce you to a title.

Are you a long time fan who’s looking to get into a new title? Your local comic book store has someone who can introduce you to another world you both can share.

Marvel. DC. Image. Valiant. Dynamite Entertainment.

Ask the friendly staff members, and we’re sure there’s someone who can guide you to a new world. You might even find a potential buddy that shares the things you enjoy! Start your collection or make it bigger – it’s totally up to you.

Why go to your local comic book shop?

New Comic Book Releases On Wednesdays or Thursdays

Wednesday is new comic book day! Yay! Every Wednesday (or Thursday for some stores), comic shops get their new releases out. Whether it’s a new comic book title, a figurine, or some new book, your midweek gets better.

You can get the next continuation of your series and keep the adventure going! There’s every genre under the sun, from superhero, sci-fi, horror, action, slice of life, and much more. You can’t find any more midweek fun than a Wednesday at your local comic store.

Haven For Binge Readers

If you’re the type who likes immersing themselves in a story and binge-reading, you can have it here. Trade paper backs, collected editions, original graphic novels, or even entire volumes are available.

Comic book shops have non-stop action only at your fingertips. Plus, there’s a graphic novel that you will love for sure.

Back Issues Up To The Wazoo

For comic book collectors, one of the biggest frustrations is having a gap in the collection. If you’re looking to catch up on the story or fill what’s missing, your local comic book stores have something for you.

Back issues.

Back issues are as old as time itself, being a staple of the industry for decades by now. Back issues can be cheap or expensive, depending on the value. We’re sure you can find what you need to complete your collection. If not, your local comic shop can find it for you!

Pop Culture Merch, Toys and Games

Comic book shops do not stop at comics. Many local comic book shops double as centers of pop culture. Every store will have something that many true nerds enjoy.

Manga and anime. Figurines and action figures. Card games and tabletop RPG. Board games.

There’s merch that we’re sure you’d want to have on your man cave. (or woman cave!)

Community Events All Year-Round!

What makes local comic shops the best is the sense of community in every store. Every comic enthusiast wants a place for themselves. Comic book shops build a community through their different events.

Every local comic book store has its own set of events. Some have their midnight releases and local autograph signing. Some have their community card games, D&D nights, board game nights with regulars.

They even have a free comic book day each year, sometimes more!

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