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Dave de Vries

Southern Squadron

David (Dave) de Vries (born 1961) is a film writer, director, and producer who also writes and illustrates comic books. He was born in New Zealand and emigrated with his family to Australia.

De Vries was born in Wellington, New Zealand, in 1961, and grew up in the inner suburb of Ngaio. He emigrated to Melbourne at an early age with his parents, where he lived until he was eighteen. After studying painting at RMIT he started his comic book career in the early 1980s with work for OzComics, Phantastique, MAD Magazine and Penthouse. Together with Gary Chaloner, Glenn Lumsden and Tad Pietrzykowski he established Cyclone Comics in 1985, to ensure that their characters could be published while remaining under their control.

De Vries and Lumsden entered the American market through First Comics, Nicotat and Malibu Graphics with The Southern Squadron, a superhero team that had taken over the Cyclone title. Together they have drawn a new look version of The Phantom for Marvel Comics, have worked on Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight, Star Trek comics for DC Comics, The Eternal Warrior Yearbook for Valiant Comics, The Puppet Master for Eternity Comics and Planet of the Apes and Flesh Gordon for Malibu Comics. de Vries also worked on a number of projects as a writer, including The Thing From Another World for First Comics, Black Lightning and a Green Lantern annual for DC, as well as recreating the origin of Captain Boomerang with John Ostrander in an episode of the Suicide Squad.

De Vries lives in South Australia where he founded the Barossa Studios with Lumsden, David Heinrich, Rod Tokely and David G. Williams, doing artwork for magazines like Picture, People, Ralph, The Australian Financial Review and The Bulletin.

In 2009 de Vries wrote and directed a feature film, Carmilla Hyde, which won ‘Best Feature’ at the South Australian Screen Awards in March 2010 after winning ‘Best Guerilla Feature’ and ‘Best Supporting Actress’ at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival. Carmilla Hyde has won nine awards, which also include ‘Best International Feature’ Swansea Bay Film Festival, ‘Best International Feature’ International Film Festival South Africa, ‘Best Australian Feature’ Sexy International Film Festival and ‘Best Foreign Film’ Minneapolis Underground Film Festival.

De Vries has written a number of live action and animation scripts for such film and TV. He is course coordinator of the Advance Production Projects for the Third Year Film & Television students at UniSA, and the Festival Director for the Barossa Film Festival.

Awards won:-
Ozcon 94 Favourite Writer
Stanley Award Adventure/Illustrated Strip Artist 1996
Stanley Award Adventure/Illustrated Strip Artist 1997

Work is of these types/genres:-
Superhero, Horror, Indie

Talents Include:-
Comic Artist
Comic Creator
Fan Artist

Secondary Talents:-

Titles Contributed To:-

ACDC Marvel Comic

Ape Nation

Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight

Black Lightning

Black Panther


Boris the Bear

Children of the Puppet Master



Da 'N Dil

Dark Horse Downunder

Dark Nebula


Eternal Warrior


Full Throttle

Green Lantern

Green Lantern Quarterly


Justice League

Magnus Robot Fighter

Oz Comics


Phantom (Marvel)

Puppet Master

Round the Twist

Southern Aurora

Southern Squadron



Star Trek

Strikeforce America

Suicide Squad

The Thing for Another Word

Tigra: Marvel Comics Presents

Zero Assassin

State:- SA

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