Kieran Jack

Kieran Jack

Halftone Productions

Kieran is a prolific comic book creator whose passion for storytelling and illustration began when he was a child, who found comic books at early age and inspired him to one day create his own. Prior to fully embracing his comic career, Kieran was an amateur artist.

His experience helped him to create Halftone Productions, and its signature comic series TheTalking Bread. Since then Kieran has gone on to work on to create several comic book series and graphic novels including In Purgatory #1 to #12, The Apparition Part 1 & 2, The Talking Bread #1 to #6 and The Rise of The Talking Bread Anthology. Along with having the opportunity to collaborate in writing and illustrative credits with other companies and creators on their projects; The Wrath of The Cursed #3, Gorilla My Dreams – Team Up, Amphibia Noir – Part 1, Super Ready Battle Armor, Decay Comics, Killroo: Young Rufus Adventures.

His trade as a graphic designer has seen Kieran work with other publishers to create logos, mastheads, lettering and layouts for comic books, including; Sumerian comics, Keenspot, Bad Bug Media, Comic2movies, Godhood comics, Big Tims Funny Books and Wild North Comics.

Currently Kieran is currently working on multiple projects, including taking over the creative reigns from Matt Kyme’s, The Wrath of The Cursed. With a follow up series to this Australian hit series, while also writing his first horror graphic novel, The Lady of The Swamp, Which was selected for Creative Australia’s MAtchLabs grant. This project will see Kieran as writer and Logan French serving as illustrator to bring his style to Kieran’s story.

You may also recognise his voice from the podcast series, The Halftone Effect.

When Kieran isn’t bunkered down in his studio imagining and creating you may find him appearing at many of the Pop culture conventions held around the country.

Work is of these types/genres:-

Comic book writer & illustrator, graphic artist, cartoonist, graphic designer, illustrator

Talents Include:-
Comic Artist
Comic Creator
Fan Artist

Secondary Talents:-

Titles Contributed To:-

Dark OZ Comics

Harland Buck: Freesword

Icarus 2120

In Purgatory

Super Ready Battle Armor


The Talking Bread

The Wrath of the Cursed


State:- VIC

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