A lifelong comic reader, I was raised on british humor books Dandy, The Beano, and Buster. By the late 80’s I was dabbling with some harder stuff, like Mad, and Oink, with a sprinkle of superhero books thrown in the mix. By 1990 I was a hardcore superhero reader.

The 90s really did a number on me. By 1992 I was deadset on being a comics writer when I grew up. I assembled a crack team of the best artists in my friend group to bring my vision to life. By 1993 it was clear to me that I would have to learn how to draw my own books, when my friends got bored very quickly drawing books for me.

Through trial and error I taught myself how to make comics. By 1997 I had put my first book out. Over the next decade I put out about 6 books. For various reasons, too numerous and sad to list here, I stopped making comics. I never stopped thinking about making comics. I never stopped dreaming up characters and stories for comic books. I just stopped making them.

Several years ago I decided it was time to start making comics again. Which brings us to now. I’m making comics again, and this time I won’t be stopping.

Work is of these types/genres:-
Superhero, Indie, Self-Published

Talents Include:-
Comic Artist
Comic Creator

Secondary Talents:-

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State:- VIC

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