Zak Elliott

Indie Webcomic

The Comic Doctor

Story Editing, Dialogue, Layouts, Page/Panel Compostion, Script, Spelling/Grammar, Character

Stuart Black

Superhero, Humour, Indie

Simon Robins

Colouring comics in a diverse range of styles.

Shaun Keenan

action, historical, graphic novel, indie

Roger Stitson

Independent, varied genre - some examples are black comedy, light horror twilight zone tales; also comedy western with retro SF; am also interested in the old-style newspaper serial format.

Peter Haywood

sci-fi adventure, comedy


Manga, webtoon, webcomic

Matthew Nicholls

Indie Creator

Kieran Jack

Not your usual Independent comics.
Josh Chodziesner

Josh Chodziesner

Indie, Zine, Short

Haydn Spurrell

Comics, Western, Sci-Fi, Superhero, Crime

George Hall

Superhero, Mystery, Action

Gary Proudley

Genre Fiction


Superhero, Indie, Self-Published
Dave Dye

Dave Dye

Australian Action, Adventure, Humour
Darren Close

Darren Close

Primarily Superhero

Danny Zemp

At the moment I work on capes. But not in the style of Marvel or DC. I have my own style and it leans towards European influences.

Danny Nolan

Short sharp stories with a twist

Daniel Reed

Psychoplasmic fantasy/sci-fi

Cristian Roux

Superhero, Comics, Bande Dessinee, Manga, Indie, Illustration, Digital Art, Traditional Art
Craig Bruyn

Craig Bruyn

Was more serious look, evolved into more cartoony look
Angie Spice

Angie Spice

manga, indie
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