Hell Courtesan Review: Kane and Pitcairn’s Magnum Opus

Japanese history is one of the most interesting reads. Beyond stories about the samurai, the shoguns, and the royalty, among the most intriguing are stories of its historical entertainers sex workers. Their life is not only one of misery but also one of luxury. Hell Courtesan is one of those legendary stories that you rarely …

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Amazing Tales #1 Review: Warm and Fuzzy Australiana

One of the most unique aspects of Australian comics is what we know as “Australiana”. The concept is the adaptation of Australian culture stories, giving them a uniquely Australian flavour. Within these concepts are stories that push for a specific local feel. Amazing Tales #1 is one of those Australiana anthologies that are rare enough …

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Fox and Hound #1: Weaponised Femininity

The femme fatale is a master of weaponised femininity, and it treads the thin line between empowerment and hypersexualisation. When tastefully done, it’s one of the most powerful storytelling tools that create supremely strong women. Fox and Hound #1 is one of the most mature femme fatale heist stories I’ve seen ever. Whilst it is …

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Fencing for Friendship

In her first work published under the ComX imprint, Ms Diggles tells the simple tale of a friendship springing up in the depths of the COVID crisis. Ms Diggles’ deliberately simplified art and dialogue beautifully evoke the simplicity of childhood friendship, prevailing no matter the circumstances. A breath of air in dark times – get …

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the lapwing

Wrath of the Cursed Side Stories Review: The End

Wrath of the Cursed has been quite the journey, and like all good things, we must get to an end – and it’s about time. I’ve been on a six review journey so far, so it’s time to complete the saga. Wrath of the Cursed’s last three stories – The Lapwing, Fear The Cursed, and …

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Sneaky Goblins at College GN Review: Three’s Not A Crowd

Prequels are usually super interesting if you’re interested in the lore. Case in point – The Hobbit, X-Men: First Class, The Dune prequels etc. It’s even better if you can find prequels that are a great read! Sneaky Goblins at College is a collection of stories concerning the main characters of Sneaky Goblins. On their …

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Sneaky Goblins

Sneaky Goblins GN Review: The Skin is Greener on the Other Side

Apart from the original short stories, it’s not too hard to find ancillary media that puts about fantasy stories and goblins. What’s hard is to find something of quality, or a story that doesn’t only use their lore in passing. Sneaky Goblins is one of those stories that a lore addict like me enjoys, and …

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The Brigand Review: The Proper Wrath of the Cursed Side Story

It’s another journey through the generations as today, we’re looking at another story within The Wrath of the Cursed collection. Now, we’re looking at The Brigands, a newer age take at the story of The Cursed. Whilst the story is going further away from the traditional setting, it goes closer to the ageless, timeless prologue/side …

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Is It A Wrath of the Cursed Story? The Pirate Queen Review

It’s a rare treat to find a story go from one time period to another, but here we are. Wrath of the Cursed has moved on from its fantasy Japan setting to another generation, with the same premise and the same promise. Even then, does it work? The Pirate Queen is swashbuckling adventure which only …

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This Is Not The End: Wrath of the Cursed Part 4 Review

Not all stories take long, but many tell all the right stories. Wrath of the Cursed Part 4 is not the strongest end to a tale of endless war. Even then, it’s satisfying in its own right. This supposed cap to the story of the Cursed is not the best by far. Regardless, the choices …

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