Rob talks about his Awesome Team splash page

Rob (00:06):
Hey Nance. Uh, I’m Rob Lyle, AKA Spedsy and creator of The Devil’s Toilet. I am here with Shane, from ComX. Who’s putting together an awesome calendar to support, not only me, but a whole bunch of Australian artists. Um, so support Shane by supporting us so he can support just everyone’s support everyone. Let’s make some cool stuff. All right, Shane, let’s talk about that.

Shane (00:32):
So this is a cool picture. What is it you like about it the most? Uh, yeah, so this is the debut of Awesome Team in, uh, Devil’s Toilet 2, which I think is page three. It’s the sort of first splash page. Um, the idea here was to basically show off these characters as big as I could. Um, and really I wanted to take Devil’s Toilet 2 to the next level. Um, my drawing had improved between Devil’s Toilet 1 and Devil’s Toilet 2.

Rob (01:02):
And so I kind of wanted to do something that showed that off. Um, I was introducing characters that I’ve had for a long time and yeah. So at one point Devil’s Toilet 1 hadn’t been released, this is in Devil’s Toilet too. Uh, and I wasn’t sure if, if Devil’s Toilet One was ever going to come out. So I just started, there was Devil’s Toilet 2, just for my own fun. And so I wanted to, if this was my sort of last hurrah of like, just making a comic, I just wanted to put all my characters into it. So I wasted no time with that Awesome Team on page three.

Shane (01:37):
Awesome, they seem like awesome. Yeah. So, um, is there anything that inspired this piece, like the look of it or the, characters, that sort of thing?

Rob (01:48):
Yeah, so I wanted sort of like a Kitty Pryde and I didn’t really get it here, but like Kitty Pryde coming out of, you know, how she phases through a wall later in the issue, um, they go back through a portal and it’s more sort of like that half phasing through, but the idea of this was a big “Holy sh*t, who are these guys jumping through the – jumping through a portal.

Rob (02:12):
And I mean, the whole reason Devil’s Toilet exists is because he’s easy to draw. Um, when I wanted to make a comic book and you’ve got to draw the same characters over and over and over, I was like, what’s easy to draw on a square.

Rob (02:26):
What’s something that’s square and a toilet came to mind and that’s why the three main characters, according to kind of very simple, simple designs, whereas Awesome Team, uh, more people, more peopley sort of Simpsons Rick and Morty issue or something, um, which was a challenge in itself. But, um, that’s why this page is also important to me because when I finished it, I was very, very proud of this because I don’t think I’d ever drawn anything that good up until then. Um, so when I first did it, like, I was like, “Whoa, I actually don’t hate that. So yeah,”

Shane (03:06):
Which I hear is very common with artists. Um, yeah. Yeah. I like it. It’s a good page. So, um,

Rob (03:13):
Oh, thanks.

Shane (03:14):
Did you do the, the effect of the portal as well?

Shane (03:17):
Yeah. Yeah. Everything there is, is me.

Shane (03:20):
Did you have to learn that or like the new technique to do that portal or different than other art you’ve done?

Rob (03:26):
Yeah. So, um, I did have to learn that and I just sort of, I mean, I just found a cool brush that I thought was awesome. And, um, it just lent itself to that sort of idea and layer upon layer upon layer. I’ve got sort of the effect I was looking for. Yeah.

Shane (03:45):
Well it works, it works. It’s, it’s very easy to see the coming through a portal, so.

Rob (03:49):
Oh, cool. Awesome.

Shane (03:52):
Um, so I guess my next question will be, how do you feel this will connect with your fans in your best piece?

Rob (04:02):
Well, so I put this on Twitter like six months or so ago. Um, and I did get a few comments about people saying that, “Oh, wow, that looks fun. What is that? I want to see more.” And that just made me happy. That was like totally the vibe of the Devil’s Toilet. And Vamoose for that matter is just fun.

Rob (04:23):
Like, um, yeah, like there are stakes and there is emotions and whatever, but it’s just meant to be fun. And the fact that someone saw this image and thought it looked fun and I’m like, that’s exactly what I kind of, that’s exactly what I’m looking for. So if, if people look at that and think it looks fun and then that’s exactly what I hope for.

Shane (04:48):
Excellent. Well, yeah, that’s what I see. I see a lot of fun. I definitely want to pick this up myself now.

Rob (04:53):
So yeah, if you, if anyone’s interested in grabbing, uh, Devil’s Toilet One and Two, or even Vamoose, number One, uh, the Devil’s Toilet is currently on sale at All-Star comics, Alternate World and Dee’s Comics, um, and hopefully a handful of others coming up. Otherwise you can grab all my [email protected] or on at Spedsy on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, all that good stuff. Yeah. Thanks for checking it out.

Rob (05:24):
Thanks very much, Rob. It was great to talk to you today. Um, it was good to learn about your art. Um, so, um, catcher either in the next figure, or you can check out the next person’s video.

New Speaker (05:34):
Yeah. Cheers man. Thanks for having me

Speaker 3 (05:40):
Find out more about the calendar that Rob is contributing to go to This will take you to the Kickstarter pre-launch page, where you can register your interest or get notified of when the, um, Kickstarter starts. So, yeah, go on over there, click the button and, um, give, given your email. Thanks for that. Um, have you all have a good day.

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