New Indie, W/E 7-Mar-2021

HEAPS COMICS #3 (CA) Swati Vats (W/A) Dale Anderson, Josh Chodziesner, Millie Holten, Elyce Phillips, Swati Vats, James Ward, and guest Rob Lisle/Spedsy. Welcome to Heaps Comics! Every issue is chock-full of mouth-watering comics, all centred around a common theme. The theme of this issue is ANIMAL. Available here –

Awesome Team

Rob talks about his Awesome Team splash page

Rob (00:06):Hey Nance. Uh, I’m Rob Lyle, AKA Spedsy and creator of The Devil’s Toilet. I am here with Shane, from ComX. Who’s putting together an awesome calendar to support, not only me, but a whole bunch of Australian artists. Um, so support Shane by supporting us so he can support just everyone’s support everyone. …

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week ending 21-02-2021

New Indie, W/E 21-Feb-2021

Dark Nebula #9 After a 30-year hiatus The Dark Nebula is back & picking up where we left off. This issue bridges the gap between the past & present, collecting the short stories that first appeared in Cyclone Collectors Classics 2 as well as Southern Aurora Comics Presents, starts with an origin re-cap ‘Who Is …

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Spider-Man Illustration

Time to talk Spider-Man with Lauren Marshall

Shane (00:02):Hello, Shane here from ComX, from the ComX calendar project that we’re doing on Kickstarter soon. Um, I’m just sort of speaking to Lauren, uh, to talk to her, to talk to her about her favorite pieces that she’s done. Lauren (00:16):Hi guys. How you doing? Shane (00:19):So the next one I’ll go to …

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