Aaron Mak

Aaron Mak

Arthouse x Dickhouse

I began forging my path as a filmmaker after graduating as a Theatre Major and Film Minor, working at it with the express goal of utilising film to be able to express my passion for storytelling. In the process, I honed my understanding of concepts such as mise en scene, cinematography, engaging characters and dialogue, as well as the overall organisation requirements of a creative production.

After 5 years of walking this path, the desire to create felt impeded by the rate in which creation could occur. I’d found solace and refuge in some old comic books, which spurned on a chain reaction of me evolving from collector to creator.

At present, my team and I (consisting of my story writer and brother, Josh Mak, and the brilliantly talented artist, Ben Sullivan) have since released a comic (ANA #0, now available at ANA band gigs, Melbourne only, or via direct contact) and are actively working on another – Gods Among Men #1, published by ComX Studio (scheduled to be released early 2024).

General stuff about me can be summed up by my hobbies of drumming and drawing, watching (and often analysing/reviewing/critiquing) films, and an insatiable lust for all things food, cuisine, the art of the culinary, everything from fast food to fine dining…

And that’s a me! (Not Mario)

Work is of these types/genres:-
Grandiose Anime-Inspired Super-powered Action, Gritty, Confronting, Neo-Noir, Crime Drama

Talents Include:-
Comic Creator

Secondary Talents:-

Titles Contributed To:-


Gods Among Men (GAM)

State:- VIC

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not yet online

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