Orcs #3

Publisher: BOOM! STUDIOS
Title: Orcs – Issue: 3

  • Bog, Pez, Zep, Utzu and Gurh are off on their own, out in the Known World, and fending for themselves for the first time, which is GREAT!
  • After all, what numbskull would mess with a pack of Orcs?!
  • Well, hunger might. Or enchanted mushrooms.
  • And, of course, there are folks out in the Eerieasallhel forest who are even bigger, stronger, and more bloodthirsty than Orcs areā€¦ like Trolls?
  • Luckily, Orcs aren’t exactly known for fighting fair!

Jerome is the nerd you're looking for - loves comic books, video games, and all things tech. He writes and does digital marketing on the side, apart from being a full-time dog dad of two hyperactive pooches.


Cover Artist/s: Sweeney Boo

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