Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson


G’day guys & girls, it’s your buddy BennyJ.
I’m a bit of a larrakin and we’re proud to express our Aussie cheekiness in our comics.
Our flagship title Super Heroes In Training is a gripping story about four empowered individuals, on their journey to becoming heroes.

I think the big comic companies have grown lazy and seem to take their fans for granted.
They’ve “killed” and revived over 50 characters and I’m bloody sick of it. We like the idea of permadeath so when our characters die, barring some RARE event, they stay dead.
I promise that the universe of S.H.I.T. is persistent. You might see origin stories etc. but it’s all the same, singular timeline. No retcons.

Our comics are written to entertain, not to lecture to people. We focus fun and adventure, not politics.

I’ve been fortunate to have help in my life & I believe that giving back is important.
Black Ruby will always donate 10% of profits, to a charity nominated by our fans.
The charity selected for Issue #1 is the
Immune Deficiency Foundation of Australia.

Work is of these types/genres:-
Superhero comic with a distinctly Aussie sense of humour.

Talents Include:-
Comic Creator

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State:- TAS

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