Specter Inspectors #2

Publisher: BOOM! STUDIOS
Title: Specter Inspectors – Issue: 2
Writer/s: Bowen McCurdy
Artist/s: Bowen McCurdy

After encountering a real (after) life demon while looking for ghosts in the most haunted town in America, Noa, Ko, Gus, and Astrid are on the hunt for this particular devil’s true name, to try and free Astrid from its demonic influence. But they might just uncover more about the dark truth about idyllic Cape Grace, and the secrets surrounding its famous founding Mayor while they’re at it…

Jerome is the nerd you're looking for - loves comic books, video games, and all things tech. He writes and does digital marketing on the side, apart from being a full-time dog dad of two hyperactive pooches.


Cover Artist/s: Erica Henderson

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