Steve Carter

Steve Carter

Steve Carter

Weird Wild Artist & Writer

The strange and bizarre works of Steve Carter incorporates anything from sci-fi and horror fantasy to surrealism and weird satire. All of it has a strong element of the fantastic and a healthy dose of experimentalism. He works with fellow creator, Antoinette Rydyr and together formed the creative team SCAR. They have produced graphic novels, illustrations, screenplays and esoteric electronic music with their band TeknoSadist, which can be sampled on Bandcamp.

Prior to teaming up, Steve created and published “CHARNEL HOUSE”, a horror science-fiction anthology comic and was instrumental in creating Australia’s first newsstand available and most controversial horror comic, “PHANTASTIQUE”, which was banned in several states of Australia. In 2017 SCAR resurrected this infamous comic book as “PHANTASTIQUE – TALES OF TABOO TERROR”, ingloriously presented in graphic novel form and in full bloody colour!

Some of SCAR’s dark and horrific material was published by Eros/Fantagraphics in the 1990s including the science fantasy “FEMOSAUR WORLD”, the horrific “SPORE WHORES” series and the psychosexual “KILL OF THE SPYDERWOMAN”. Although it represents only one aspect of their work, SCAR have a reputation for the extreme and are no strangers to the issues of censorship. All three issues of their horror comic book series “SPORE WHORES” were banned in Australia. And now, 20 years later they have been re-released by Bloody Gore Comix in Canada. And the long awaited “FEMOSAUR WORLD #2” was published in 2017 by Pikitia Press.

SCAR have recently published a series of graphic novels which can be found on their Amazon Author page: “Carter Rydyr”, and all online booksellers, including:
The jungle adventure “SAVAGE BITCH”, a collection of fantastic beasts and strange monsters titled “BESTIARY OF MONSTRUUM”, a collection of fantastical fem fatales titled “FEMONSTERS”, and “MUNDO MONSTRUOSO” which is a pulp apocalyptic world of monsters, mutants, freaks, aliens, mythological creatures, hybrid beasts, harpies and femosaurs recently published in Spain.

Although SCAR’s work polarises viewers their art cannot be ignored and introduces readers to other worlds of possibilities.

Awards won:-
Winner of The Golden Stapler Award for Best Collaborative Zine 2011 for “Femonsters”
Winner of Best Feature Film Screenplay at the A Night of Horror International Film Festival 2010 for “Curse of the Swampies”
Winner of the 2023 Ledger of Honour Award

Work is of these types/genres:-
Horror, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Surrealism, Satire

Talents Include:-
Comic Creator

Secondary Talents:-

Titles Contributed To:-

Bestiary of Monstruum



Femosaur World

Kill of the Spyderwoman and other Skin-crawlin' Stories

New World Disorder

Phantastique - Tales of Taboo Terror

SCAR & Fiends

Savage Bitch

Savage Worlds

Spore Whores

The Weird Wild Art of SCAR

Weird Sex Fantasy - Tales of Sex and Death for the Totally Jaded

Weird Wild West

Weird Worlds - Subversive Science Fiction Stories

State:- VIC

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