Warwick Doolan

Superhero, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Horror, Indie

Travis Richardson

Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Pulp Fiction, Short Story, Parody, Humour/Satire, Caricature Artist
Sheydin Dew

Sheydin Dew

Indie, Drama, Slice of Life, Romance
Nick Budgy

Nicholas Cleary

Action, Comedy, Birds!

Nathan Grixti

Indie, black and white, superheroes, cartoons
Jess Cate

Jess Cate

Young Adult, Steampunk, Adventure, Fantasy

Jana Hoffmann

Fantasy, young adult


Comedy/horror art, Cartoonist, Animal Art
Dave de Vries

Dave de Vries

Superhero, Horror, Indie

Darren Koziol

Science Fiction (old-school style), horror, action, adventure, Indie

Darkwell Bled

Writer, Author, horror, comedy, scifi

Daniel Best

I'm a historian, thus I write about the medium.
Adam Gillespie

Adam Gillespie

Comics Network Australia
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