A Bigger Barrel of Laughs: Crimson and Rascal #2 Review

It’s hard to be a supervillain, and nobody knows that more than the B-villains with low-quality superpowers. Crimson and Rascal #2 tries to foray into the classic betrayal trope, trying to recreate what’s basically a parody of The Dark Knight Returns. Compared to Chapter 1, this chapter is a funnier. The art is still impeccable, …

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Great Art, Hard Laughs : Crimson and Rascal #1 Review

Has anyone ever wondered if Dennis the Menace and Johnny Bravo teamed up and became superheroes? It would be a disaster of unbelievable and idiotic proportions, and that’s what we get with Crimson and Rascal #1. Crimson and Rascal #1 is cute, funny, and quite entertaining, but suffers from the same problems that most humour-centric …

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