Dragon Age: Dark Fortress #2

Title: Dragon Age: Dark Fortress – Issue: 2

The deadly elven warrior Fenris and a team of the Inquisition’s best race to keep the Venatori from unleashing a power that will reshape Thedas in this canonical continuation of BioWare’s dark fantasy RPG! Will they be fast enough to outrun their own pasts and stop what’s coming?

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Dragon Age Blue Wraith #3 (Of 3)

Title: Dragon Age Blue Wraith – Issue: 3

Fenris, the legendary “Blue Wraith,” has joined a young mage and her companion, an agent of the Inquisition, in their quest to stop the reckless experiments of rogue Tevinter mages. In this bloody conclusion, they will have to overcome waves of Qunari and one of the most powerful mages in the land.

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