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Tony Rocha Newton

Sadly the Foolproof Comics universe has very little gas left in it as the founders have gone their separate ways. We had big plans, but sadly those plans came to a slow, but steady halt. Well… not so much as a halt, but it lost a few wheels on the road to Aussie Independent Comics super-stardom. We did create something wonderful & new with the SuburbanKnights… but keeping the dream alive proved a little beyond us. We wrote stories & designed everything & we hoped we could take it to the masses.

Instead, we drifted apart, I stayed on board to head up GHOTI Inc/ Foolproof Comic & create the 1st OzSlaught Comics crossover. The 2nd should hit the published comics air-waves by 2025. Then, barring any amazing contracts out of the blue, we will have run our course. I still want to bring the SuburbanKnights into the world… & maybe 2021 will see us back! For me personally, I have given the ‘Knights a fair stab, but now as I move forward I will focus on my new creation Barry Beer & the Beer Buddies – a fresh idea I had after returning from a 1 year around the world trip & being out of ‘the game’ for a few years – managed to sell out & make more money than I ever had 1st day down at ComicGong 2016. Barry is my new thing.

In the mean time… here is my comic author bio. Tony Rocha-Newton has been working on the characters he created for SuburbanKnights since he was in school. A uniquely creative mind, Tony was the driving force behind the creation of Foolproof and remains its most enthusiastic member. He holds a Diploma in Cartooning and Illustration & writes/ illustrates the antics of his creations delivering his more bizarre tales including Tesseraction Comics, some co-authored tales for the Circus Infinitus & his new Barry Beer series, amongst others.

Awards won:-
NSW WRITERS AUSTRALIAN ALTERNATIVE COMIC VENTURE OF THE YEAR: 2005 SuburbanKnights: An Adventure In Music. Produced by Foolproof Comics in conjunction with FBi Radio
NEWCASTLE WRITERS FESTIVAL/ THIS IS NOT ART COLLABORATIVE COMIC/ PUBLICATION OF THE YEAR: 2007 OzSlaught Issue # Zero. GHOTI, Inc – inclusive of Foolproof/ fictionym Comics, Siberian Productions, STaB Comics & Storm Publishing

Work is of these types/genres:-
superhero, parody, humour, alcohol

Talents Include:-
Comic Artist
Comic Creator

Secondary Talents:-

Titles Contributed To:-

Barry Beer & The Beer Buddies


Tesseraction Comics

The Circus Infinitus

The SuburbanKnights

State:- NSW

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