The Comic Doctor

The Comic Doctor

The Comic Dr is a specialised comic editing service. Story – Dialogue – Layouts – Page/Panel Composition – Script – Spelling/Grammar – Character.

I have 20 years editing/writing experience – comics – short stories – web writing – blogging – essays – reviews – interviews.

I have completed work for individuals and comic companies across Australia and the world such as Fractured Scary Tales Publishing (US), Milk Shadow Books (Melbourne, Australia), Technically Sound (Melbourne, Australia) and Hypersmash Studios (Boston, US).

I’m based in Melbourne, Australia, but comics cross the cultural divide! If comics can be created by artists and writers in different countries, they certainly can be edited the same.

Call The Comic Doctor!

Work is of these types/genres:-
Story Editing, Dialogue, Layouts, Page/Panel Compostion, Script, Spelling/Grammar, Character

Talents Include:-

Secondary Talents:-

Titles Contributed To:-



Fabulous Frightmares

Fractured Scary Tales: Christmas Special

Fracured Scary Tales

Gym Ratz


Lady Frankenstein and the Mummy's Grain

Monster Smash-Ups


Son of Man

Starflake: The Cosmic Sprite

Supered-Up Monster Kids

They're Heeere!

State:- VIC

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