Stephanie Wallis

Stephanie Wallis


Howdy, I am Steph, a chirpy storyboard and comic artist with a love for storytelling, and everything bird-related!

Currently, I am based in north Brisbane Australia. I have been studying storyboarding and comics since 2019, and have been passionately engaged in the comics community since picking up a cover-bent Garfield in primary school.

In 2022, I graduated from Griffith with a bachelor of animation, where I was able to board on 4 different short films. I also produce fun little 4-panel comics on social media @birdwithsocks, and am additionally developing comic zine pieces along the side as well!

If you need me-
I’ll be in Southbank, drawing silly wizards in one of the nice trees

Work is of these types/genres:-
Slice of Life, Diary, Short-story, Indie, Fantasy, Dungeons and Dragons, Comedy, Cartoony, Scribbly Style

Talents Include:-
Comic Artist
WebComic Creator

Secondary Talents:-
Comic Creator
Fan Artist

Titles Contributed To:-

A Goblin Gamble

How to Fly a Portaloo

State:- QLD

Social Links :-

Buy work at :-
not yet online

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