Shannon Browning

Shannon Browning

Shannon Browning

The Mighty Shannman

My Dad ruined my life by taking me to see Star Wars when I was 5, thus ensuring I would never have a normal hobby or interest for the rest of my life. I’ve been drawing my entire life, mostly when I wasn’t supposed to or should have been doing other things. This lead to me dropping out of high school to go to design college, luckily giving me a career and an income. While in college I got big into comics and superheroes.

My first proper sequential art gig was illustrating a comic strip called ‘Mark Fathom: Diving Detective” for a scuba diving magazine. Not long after I finally took the plunge and started work on my own book, using a character I had created in High School called “RoboToon”. After many years and a few failed starts, I got the first issue of RoboToon to the point where I put it aside and completed another comic. “Welcome to Woodville”, a parody/love letter to 19050s sci-fi movies, sold out its first printing. This inspired me to finally get RoboToon issue one out.

After publishing 5 different books, I took a sabbatical to concentrate on my other storytelling love, film. But after a long break, I’m finally getting back into comics and completing the story of RoboToon. Issue 4 and 5 have been scripted and the art of issue 4 is well underway.

Work is of these types/genres:-
Action, Comedy, Superhero, Parody

Talents Include:-
Comic Artist
Comic Creator

Secondary Talents:-

Titles Contributed To:-

Mythicman vs The Aussie Battler



Welcome to Woodville

State:- NSW

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