Rob O’Connor

Rob O’Connor


Rob O’Connor writes, designs, works, does dad stuff with his family, makes terrible jokes, completely fails to be a handyman and, in the time in-between, draws. His two big projects are DEATHSHIP JENNY, a comic book about engineering, reality TV and Martians, and LIFF, a comic strip not quite about life. He’s also drawn for titles such as KILLEROO and DAVE ZOMBIE HUNTER, as well as contributing to h2g2, Project Orangutan, Sporadic, Operation Funnybone, and OzComics, to name a few. Rob doesn’t like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain, despite what the song says. A bourbon or two in a nice, dry pub sounds much better, thanks.

Work is of these types/genres:-

Talents Include:-
Comic Creator
Fan Artist

Secondary Talents:-
Comic Artist

Titles Contributed To:-

Dave: Zombie Hunter

Deathship Jenny

Killeroo: Gang Wars

Liff: It's not Quite Life

State:- QLD

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