Max Battistella

Max Battistella

"My name is Max and I ALWAYS keep it Geeky."

Hi, my name is Max and I always keep it geeky.
I am a Sydney sider father of 2 and hubble bubble to an amazing wifey. back in 2014 I was brainstorming an idea with my nephew (who at the time was in high school and enjoyed to draw) and we came up with an idea for a fantasy comic. Alas, his studies got in the way and as a result he pulled out of the project. which at this point he made 2 designs of the two main characters.

I however could not divorce myself of the idea and continued building the world of Braelor, the dragon continent. fast forward to now and I have paid my penciller/inker, Jay Sloan, approximately half of the book and he’s diligently creating the pages as we speak.

The book series (6 issues) revolves around a dragon whom has a tragic past that is now tasks to stopping the one entity that will destroy his world. come and check out my page for the works in progress

Work is of these types/genres:-
Fantasy, superhero, indie, self published

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Kings of Braelor

State:- NSW

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