I’m an Adelaide-based digital artist and writer, with a love for comics. I’ve been writing and drawing all my life, and ever since I was little, I took immense care in weaving (often absurd) stories about magic worlds, secret cat societies and the drama and romances between all-powerful deities.
After completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Media with Honours at CDW Studios and Flinders University, I wrote and illustrated the beginning of ‘Omens’, my webcomic on WebTOON.
Soon after, I decided to rewrite and re-design this story, which is currently in progress. Alongside this, I started to work as an official artist and writer for a licensed Dungeons and Dragons project under Geekify Inc, where I have been able to expand and develop my character writing, storytelling and digital media skills. I’m also always up to waffle about many things, so feel free to reach out!

Work is of these types/genres:-
Manga, Superhero, Dark Fantasy, Romance

Talents Include:-
Comic Artist
Comic Creator
WebComic Creator

Secondary Talents:-
Fan Artist

Titles Contributed To:-


State:- SA

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not yet online

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