Jono Thompson

Jono Thompson

Zest Comics

Zest Comics

I’ve been drawing comics for over 20 years, started when I was 10 and have loved the medium since then. My style, characters and series have changed over the years, but still very passionate about them. I started hand drawing them with pencil, fineliner. Then started scanning them in and adding colour in photoshop. Then started making them in Adobe illustrator with the mouse. I now use a Wacom Cintiqu to hand draw them in digitally in Adobe Illustrator. When I first started they were designed for print. I then transitioned into a more digital friendly format to be better viewed on mobile devices. I have seven books worth of collection that I sell at markets.

Work is of these types/genres:-
Comic Strip, Slice of Life, Comedy, Pun Humour, Family Friendly

Most of my work is found on my website:

Talents Include:-
Comic Creator
WebComic Creator

Secondary Talents:-
Comic Artist

Titles Contributed To:-

Crazy Animal Cartoons

Crazy Cartoons

Moments Comic

That's Life Comic - Moments

Treats Comic

State:- VIC

Social Links :-

Buy work at :-
not yet online

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