Jackie Tran

Jackie Tran

Eighth Hokage

Jackie Tran (Not related to Jackie Chan, though we both practice Martial Arts). 90’s kid growing up with the golden era of cartoons waking up to X-Men & Dragonball Z. Like any child, I have always drawn when I was young and continued that through till today.

Started drawing manga to replicate manga panels that were released during the 2000’s with Shonen releasing the Giant 3. Made my transition to portraiture and is what I’m primarily known for but also dabbling in fan art. Currently making my transition into as a comic artist and fan artist, there’s abit more appreciation and creativity in it. Hopefully to one day land a cover! That would be goals!

Primarily prefer traditional pencil & ink, but capable of digital work also. Plus can do airbrush work!

Thanks for reading!

P.S. – Yes I am a massive Jason Momoa / Aquaman fan according to my profile pic.

Awards won:-
None :'( . . . YET

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Fan Artist

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..WIP - yet to release comic

State:- NSW

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