Dana Lawson

Dana Lawson

Dana Lawson


A digital artist living somewhere in Melbourne.

Most of my time is spent designing characters and carving out odd little worlds for them, sometimes involving space dragons or cat detectives. The rest of my time is spent thinking about food, avoiding the main quests in video games and researching the maternal habits of spiders.

I’ve also worked with writers, on reboots from classic properties from Reverie Publications, and as a colourist on a piece for the ComX Calendar. More colouring projects are soon to come, as that’s my main focus at the moment, along with planning my own original works and growing as an artist.

My work tends to be fantasy themed, some science fiction, maybe a lick of horror if you’re feeling spicy. But most of my original work is it’s own, incredibly-colourful form of fantasy.

Work is of these types/genres:-
Fantasy, Cartoons

Talents Include:-
Comic Artist

Secondary Talents:-
Fan Artist

Titles Contributed To:-


SHOMER - Fridges and Missuses

The Vorgon Conspiracies

State:- VIC

Social Links :-

Buy work at :-
not yet online

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