Zakh Fair

Zakh Fair

Superhero, Western, Martial Arts, Manga

Zak Elliott

Indie Webcomic

Warwick Doolan

Superhero, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Horror, Indie

Travis Richardson

Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Pulp Fiction, Short Story, Parody, Humour/Satire, Caricature Artist
Tony Menzie

Tony Menzie

Artist, Writer, Indie Comic Creator, Covers, Internals, Superhero, Horror, Sci-Fi, Samurai, Zombies, Fantasy, Portraits

Tony Huddy

Superhero spoof, Satire
davo77 - Tony Davidson

Tony Davidson

Webcomic, Gag a day comic strips, Fan art / Commissions

Tom Tung

Autobio/Diary, Indy Superhero, Absurdist

The Comic Doctor

Story Editing, Dialogue, Layouts, Page/Panel Compostion, Script, Spelling/Grammar, Character

Tad Pietrzykowski

Superhero, Sci-fi

Stuart Black

Superhero, Humour, Indie
Steven Christie

Steven Christie

Indie, Art, Humour

Stephen Kok

Graphic Novel Creator


Webcomics, Illustrations, 3D
Silver Fox

Silver Fox Comics

Indie, Creator Owned, Action, Adventure, Australiana, Spy, Comedy, Kidults, Horror

Shaun Keenan

action, historical, graphic novel, indie
Shannon Browning

Shannon Browning

Action, Comedy, Superhero, Parody
Shane W Smith

Shane W Smith

Sci Fi, Political Thriller, Fantasy, long form Graphic Novels, zombie, family drama

Shane Foley


Scott Wilson

First Nation Superheroes

Sarah Firth

Autobio, philosophy, thoughtful, indi, comedy, autotheory, diarycomics
Ryan K Lindsay

Ryan K Lindsay

Independent, creator owned, Sci Fi, Crime

RW Adams

Young Readers, Horror, Fantasy Realism, Indie, Paeans To The Generally Confused

Roger Stitson

Independent, varied genre - some examples are black comedy, light horror twilight zone tales; also comedy western with retro SF; am also interested in the old-style newspaper serial format.
Crystal Sea

Richard Smith

Indie Graphic Novels
Trust Dare Media

Quentin D. Young

Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Cli-Fi

Peter Wilson

funny comic creator, indie cartoonist, digital artist, concept art

Peter Lane

Funny animal, all-ages, fantasy

Patrick Guerrera

indie, crime, action, psychedelic, LGBTQTI+, gothic
Oli Ward comics

Oli Ward

Indie, High Sci-fi/Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Cartoon Style

Nicole Kane

Indie Comic Writer, Comic Letterer, Horror and Fantasy
Nick Budgy

Nicholas Cleary

Action, Comedy, Birds!
Neale Blanden

Neale Blanden

Nathan Onias

Nathan Onias

Adventure, Science Fiction, Superhero, Children's Comics, Zine
Nathan Klein

Nathan Klein

Indie, Action/Adventure, Supernatural/Occult, Gore, Fantasy

Nathan Grixti

Indie, black and white, superheroes, cartoons

Morgan Quaid

Supernatural horror, Sci-Fi Adventure, Post-Apocalyptic, Weird Fiction
Mad Magpie logo

Mitchell Edwards

Fantasy/Medieval, Sci-Fi/Apocalyptic, Indie

Mickey Scott

indie, sequential art, medieval, sword and sorcery, violent, character driven, values driven, dark

Michael Morris

Aussie Themed Superhero

Max Ferrada

Sci-Fi, Indie, Superhero, epic

Max Battistella

Fantasy, superhero, indie, self published

Matthew Nicholls

Indie Creator

Matt Rice

Indie, Slice of Life, Autobio, History comics

Matt Kyme

Superhero, Adventure

Martin Gammon

Fantasy, Sci Fi, Weird Tales
Mark Abnett

Mark Abnett

Superheroes, Sci-fi, Myth and Legends, Fantasy makers and world breakers!
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