Zak Elliott

Indie Webcomic

Warwick Doolan

Superhero, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Horror, Indie
Tony Menzie

Tony Menzie

Artist, Writer, Indie Comic Creator, Covers, Internals, Superhero, Horror, Sci-Fi, Samurai, Zombies, Fantasy, Portraits

Tony Davidson

Webcomic, Gag a day comic strips, Fan art / Commissions

The Comic Doctor

Story Editing, Dialogue, Layouts, Page/Panel Compostion, Script, Spelling/Grammar, Character

Tad Pietrzykowski

Superhero, Sci-fi

Stuart Black

Superhero, Humour, Indie

Stephen Kok

Graphic Novel Creator

Shaun Keenan

action, historical, graphic novel, indie
Shane W Smith

Shane W Smith

Sci Fi, Political Thriller, Fantasy, long form Graphic Novels, zombie, family drama

Roger Stitson

Independent, varied genre - some examples are black comedy, light horror twilight zone tales; also comedy western with retro SF; am also interested in the old-style newspaper serial format.
Crystal Sea

Richard Smith

Indie Graphic Novels

Peter Wilson

funny comic creator, indie cartoonist, digital artist, concept art

Nicole Kane

Indie Comic Writer, Comic Letterer, Horror and Fantasy

Max Battistella

Fantasy, superhero, indie, self published

Matthew Nicholls

Indie Creator

Lucas Scheffel

Action, Adventure

Leigh Chalker

Sci-Fi, fantasy, dystopian

Kieran Jack

Not your usual Independent comics.

Joshua Santospirito

Literary comics, indie comics
Josh Chodziesner

Josh Chodziesner

Indie, Zine, Short

Jesse Vor

Cosmic Horror, Science Fiction, Surrealism, future noir, lgbtq+, indie
Jess Cate

Jess Cate

Young Adult, Steampunk, Adventure, Fantasy
Jarrod Elvin

Jarrod Elvin

Indie, comics, comic artist, artist, cartoons, original characters, superhero, adventure, mystery, thriller

James Thorpe

Manga, Superhero, Indie, Comedy

J Scherpenhuizen

Graphic Storytelling, Love, Horror, Superheroes

Haydn Spurrell

Comics, Western, Sci-Fi, Superhero, Crime

George Hall

Superhero, Mystery, Action

Gary Proudley

Genre Fiction


Superhero, Indie, Self-Published
Duncan Pranevicius

Duncan Pranevicius

Neo-Noir, Indie, Manga, Grimdark Fantasy, Superhero

David Williams

Web Comic
Dave Dye

Dave Dye

Australian Action, Adventure, Humour

Dave de Vries

Superhero, Horror, Indie

Darren Koziol

Science Fiction (old-school style), horror, action, adventure, Indie
Darren Close

Darren Close

Primarily Superhero

Darkwell Bled

Writer, Author, horror, comedy, scifi

Danny Zemp

At the moment I work on capes. But not in the style of Marvel or DC. I have my own style and it leans towards European influences.

Danny Nolan

Short sharp stories with a twist

Daniel Reed

Psychoplasmic fantasy/sci-fi
Craig Bruyn

Craig Bruyn

Was more serious look, evolved into more cartoony look
Colin Wells

Colin Wells

Superhero, Horror, Sci-Fi

Christian Heka-Tutahi

Manga, Post-Apocalyptic, Dystopia, Science Fiction
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