Zak Elliott

Indie Webcomic
davo77 - Tony Davidson

Tony Davidson

Webcomic, Gag a day comic strips, Fan art / Commissions

Tom Tung

Autobio/Diary, Indy Superhero, Absurdist

Tom Magee

Indie, Alternative, Thriller, Killer, Dolla Biller

Stephanie Wallis

Slice of Life, Diary, Short-story, Indie, Fantasy, Dungeons and Dragons, Comedy, Cartoony, Scribbly Style
Sheydin Dew

Sheydin Dew

Indie, Drama, Slice of Life, Romance

Sarah Firth

Autobio, philosophy, thoughtful, indi, comedy, autotheory, diarycomics

Peter Wilson

funny comic creator, indie cartoonist, digital artist, concept art
Oli Ward comics

Oli Ward

Indie, High Sci-fi/Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Cartoon Style
Neale Blanden

Neale Blanden

Matthew J Wills

Matthew J Wills

Fantasy, Comedy, Webcomic

Louie Joyce

Zines, Indie, Superhero, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Anime, Animation


Manga, Superhero, Dark Fantasy, Romance
Kaylene Harris

Kaylene Harris

Fantasy, Sci-fi, Webcomics

Jono Thompson

Comic Strip, Slice of Life, Comedy, Pun Humour, Family Friendly

Jesse Vor

Cosmic Horror, Science Fiction, Surrealism, future noir, lgbtq+, indie

Jeipi Oyams

Manga, webtoon, webcomic

Gary Chaloner


Ethan Harris

Science Fiction, Fantasy, Auto-Biography Stories
Eric Viola

Eric Viola

Fantasy, Sci-Fi

David Wargo

Indie, Creator Owned, Graphic Novel, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Web-Comics

Darrell Chiu

Action Webtoons

Danny Nolan

Short sharp stories with a twist
Chris Hunt

Chris Hunt

Superhero, Australiana, Sci-Fi
Camila Duran

Camila Duran

indie, Adventure, Non-Fiction, Webcomics, Graphic Novels, French Influences, Japanese Influences

Anthony Christou

Fantasy Comics

Alex Major

Cartoon comics/animation

Adrian Nicita

Superhero, Indie, Commissions
Adam Gillespie

Adam Gillespie

Comics Network Australia
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