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I’m creating Australia’s Home of the Local Comic Store (LCS) and Comic-related events, as well as our work in progress: the Comic Creator Portal that will showcase Australian Comic creators. Use our directory to find your new local store, get notified about comic-related events, and explore the vast local talent in Australia. We share your love of comics. If you can’t find your local comic shop on the list, feel free to submit the details and we’ll get in touch with the owners and add them. ComicScape is a community, and fanboys & fangirls like you and me can make this the best darn comic site in Australia. Thanks again for dropping by. Excelsior! 
Help me help Local Comic Shops not just survive, but thrive.  Let’s empower Australian Comic Creatives with a site dedicated to promoting their awesome skills.  I love comics with a passion and I want to tap into that passion and spread the joy over Australia.  I’d say the sky is the limit, but there are footprints on the moon…. the stars are the limit.  Help us boost the Australian Comic industry.

The other goal is to create a community of like-minded individuals all with a passion for the Australian Comic Industry.  People who want to work together to grow and nurture the Australian Comic landscape. And then connect these fans with the creators.  ‘Nuff said.

Hero is Training. Fearless Leader of ComX: Doing all I can to promote the Australian Comic Community and Industry. Brought up on continual rations of Team based comics, from West Coast Avengers to the Legion of SuperHeroes to New Mutants to JLA to Gen13 to New Men to DV8 to Titans to Young Justice to ALL things X. I’ve happily dropped all those to explore the wonderous world of Australian Comics.

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