5 Reasons We Love Comic Shops In Australia

5 Reasons We Love Comic Shops In Australia
Comic shops in Australia are some of the most iconic locales. There’s nothing that can beat in-shop experience, even with digital distribution becoming the norm. The truth, however, is that it’s easy to go under if you’re a local comic store.
With Amazon and other digital bookstores using their digital storefronts, why should you buy from local comic shops? We have five reasons why.

  1. Finding Indie Titles
    Comic book stores are not only about Marvel and DC. Sure, the super hot comics come from the MCU and DCEU storylines. Who doesn’t like a great Spiderman story, right?
    Even then, there’s more out there than the big American comicbooks. Local Australian artists tend to sell their creations through local comic shops. Many indie artists do so not only to earn money but to create a community for themselves.
    If you’re an indie artist, one of the biggest obstacles is stirring people’s interest in your work. There’s social media, but getting to sell your graphic novels and prints is different. Enter local comic book stores.
    Comic book stores are always more than happy to carry local indie artists in their shops. Indies help pique the interest of passersby and customers looking for new stories. If you love a good story or want a beautiful illustration, indies in local stores are a great pick.
  2. Like-Minded People You Can Share Your Hobbies
    Another reason why buy from local comic stores is the community. Even if you’re not a comic book fan, a lot of comic shops try to create a community around them. They can hardly compete with the predatory pricing of Amazon, so how do you keep your audience energetic?
    You let them connect with people they can share their hobbies.
    Many local stores double as hobby shops. Many host board game nights and even trading card games on the side. Some also have Dungeons and Dragons and other tabletop RPGs!
    If you’re not a games guy, comic book stores also host comic book clubs. If you’re looking to expand your collection by trading with other guys, comic shops are the right place.
  3. Better Browsing Experience
    A good reason that people should go to comic book shops is the discovery. When you buy online, shops present you with stuff you already like. Your method of discovery is likely buzz from reviews and video essays on Youtube.
    Even then, you don’t get the best of the best. Many of what you will see online are the mainstream stories. How many will offer you great story without much buzz?
    This is where comic book shops come in. Most shop staff are connoisseurs themselves. They will have something new to offer according to your tastes.
  4. Superb Pull Lists
    The beauty of the comic book store is what we call the pull list. If you’re even, at least, a semi-regular buyer, you likely will have titles that you buy every month. It can come from indie graphics artists or major titles, but you will have one.
    Every week, you’ll get a stack of fresh comic books and graphic novels. Having a pull list helps you keep up with comic titles as they come out. You can even have some shops reserve a copy for you!
  5. Supporting Local Businesses
    It’s no secret that the comic book shops are a dying breed. We love them, but online stores and big name providers are competing with crazy low prices. Our favorite brick and mortar shops are having a problem trying to stay afloat.
    For people like us who want actual people sharing our hobbies, supporting local businesses is vital. It contributes to the beauty of your local community. It feels right that your dollars are going to people who care about the craft.
    Go To You Local Comic Stores Now
    Local comic stores in Australia are the last frontier for comic fans. If you love your comic books, protecting this front is essential to all of us. It’s all about the experience!
    Why not say hi to your local comic book shop today? Pick up a few new titles. We’re sure you’d love your time there.

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