5+ Comic Events in Australia You Should Go To Now

6 Comic Events in Australia You Should Go To Now
One of the perks of being a nerd and a comic fan these days are the many conventions. The advent of comic conventions in the US paved the way for more comic events in Australia. We Aussies love our comics, so it’s only natural that we get a few ourselves.
Most of the comic conventions started small. A few mates going together, then getting a more prominent group involved. As these events grew, so did the scope and the number of fans in attendance.
From small toy fairs came the big events that garnered a national following. Which ones should you go? Which ones are the best? We have a full list of the five biggest Aussie comic events comic your way.

  • Supanova Expo
    Supanova is one of the most significant comic events in Australia. It’s been the home of pop culture since 2000 when a group of Aussies started Comicfest!. The first Supanova Expo began in the Sydney Showground, and it hasn’t looked back since.
    The Supanova Expo then opened its first Brisbane convention in 2003. It extended to Melbourne and Perth, back to back with their Brisbane and Sydney conventions. Now, the event goes as far as Gold Coast and even Adelaide.
    This all-Australian event is an excellent place to enjoy by yourself or with friends. Directed by Daniel Zachariou, it has everything you could ever want in a comic convention. It has games, comic books, anime, manga, and even merch.
    What sets it apart, however, is the guest panel.
    Much like your US Comic-cons, the panels interview guest stars. Some guests include actors like Billy Zane and even John Travolta.
  • Oz Comic-Con
    If you want the full Comic-Con experience but don’t have time to go to New York or San Diego, Oz Comic-Con is the one you want. Oz Comic-Con is the official local counterpart of the US Comic-Cons. It’s also one of the most anticipated out there.
    Oz Comic-Con has everything under the sun that you can expect from a comic convention. It has a full artist alley for local indie artists to show their stuff. They have comics, games, cosplay, merch, and everything nerdy you can get your hands on.
    Why go to Oz Comic-Con? If you’re the type who likes big events, this is it. They have everything here, and the limit is how far your legs can bring you.
  • Indenous Con – Comiccon
    One of the unique things about Australia is its thriving Indigenous community. To celebrate their creativity in the mordern world, Indigenous Comic Com came to life. It’s a goto comic book and pop culture event everyone would love.
    What makes Indigenous Comic Con special is the representation it gives to the native Australian. It honours the lifework of many indigenous creatives, many of whom contributed their talents for their art. From illustrators, designers, TV stars, and even indigenous cosplayers.
    Indigeous Comic Con is not only a great event, it show off some of the up and coming artist with indigenous roots, giving them a space to have fun. It’s a fun time that brings indigenous and non-indigenous people together.
    Indigenous Comic Con runs around November every year.
  • Madman Anime Festival
    Madman Anime Festival is a relatively new player in the events industry. MadFest deals at most with anime and Japanese culture but you would still see a lot of the usual fair in it.
    MadFest has a lot of cosplay, manga, and anime at every corner. It also has a superb amount of exhibitors that sell almost every merchandise available.
    What’s great about MadFest is they also have a corner for indie creators and artists to show their stuff. It’s something we’re sure any fan will enjoy.
    One of the most well-known events when it comes to game conventions is Penny Arcade’s PAX. It’s one of the biggest places for manga, games, anime, and content creators. PAX Aus is the Aussie counterpart, and it’s as fantastic as you’d think.
    PAX Aus was the first time the expo happened outside United States in 2013. Since then, PAX became one of the most significant events in Oz.
    Games from indie devs and big AAA companies. Comics and local indie artists. Guest panels that underscore what Aussie geeks love.
    PAX Aus is here to stay. We love it.
  • ComiXpo
    ComiXpo is one of the newer all-Aussie local expo and convention around Australia. It started in 2016 and enjoyed a following about comic fans and geeks alike. It’s a comic expo from top to bottom and it’s hard to deny the love is overflowing for it.
    ComiXpo houses over 70 stalls, with a lot of comic book sellers and presentors. There are cosplayers from top to bottom and overflowing food and drinks.
    If you’re looking for a nice day to buy a lot of comics and enjoy with your fellow geeks, ComiXpo is the place for you.

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