davo77 - Tony Davidson

Tony Davidson

Webcomic, Gag a day comic strips, Fan art / Commissions

Tom Magee

Indie, Alternative, Thriller, Killer, Dolla Biller
Stewart McKenny

Stewart McKenny

Comic Book Pencils, Comic Book Covers, Pop Culture Portraits

Stephanie Wallis

Slice of Life, Diary, Short-story, Indie, Fantasy, Dungeons and Dragons, Comedy, Cartoony, Scribbly Style

Shaun Craike

Manga, Alternative
Shane Syddall

Shane Syddall

anthologies, Comedy, Superheroes, violence, dystopian worlds,

Shane Foley


Ryan Vella

Superhero, Horror


cross between Manga and Western styles

Patrick Guerrera

indie, crime, action, psychedelic, LGBTQTI+, gothic

Nathan Judd

Indie, Superhero
Nat Karmichael

Nat Karmichael

Australian Comics, Books

Morgan Quaid

Supernatural horror, Sci-Fi Adventure, Post-Apocalyptic, Weird Fiction

Matt Rice

Indie, Slice of Life, Autobio, History comics

Madi Marston

Indie, slice of life, auto-biographical, magic realism

Lucas Scheffel

Action, Adventure

Leigh Chalker

Sci-Fi, fantasy, dystopian
Killer Comics

Killer Comics

Are you after unadulterated comics that will blow your mind? , Are you after something unhinged, something edgy, something delightfully killer?

Ken Best

I write and draw comics for all genres - superhero, horror, action/adventure, sci-fi, western, war. I am currently writing and drawing manga themed work.

Jesse Dracman

Horror, Action

James Thorpe


Hugh McGown

indie, horror, scifi

Dr. Paul Mason

Action-adventure, pulp, war, historical, sci-fi, superhero, medical, "mainstream" and Indie, Adult and all-ages.

Christian Heka-Tutahi

Manga, Post-Apocalyptic, Dystopia, Science Fiction
Chris Hunt

Chris Hunt

Superhero, Australiana, Sci-Fi
Camila Duran

Camila Duran

indie, Adventure, Non-Fiction, Webcomics, Graphic Novels, French Influences, Japanese Influences
Cameron Davis

Cameron Davis

Rose is an all-ages humour comic about food and friendship!
Brokun Sensei avatar

Brokun Sensei

Anime-esc, slice of life, supernatural horror

Brad Pickersgill

Comic Book Art, Fan Art, Super Hero, Movie Art, Pop Culture Art

Brad Daniels

Humour, Action, Adventure, Sci-fi, Underground, Independent

BlackBamboo Smith

Manga, Indie, Drama, Supernatural

Bho Munro-Meredith

Superhero, Fantasy
Ash Madi

Ash Madi

Superheroes, Pinups
Andrew Archer

Andrew Archer

Manga, Seinen, Indie, Cyberpunk
Aaron Sammut

Aaron Sammut

Superhero, Music, Indie
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