Zakh Fair

Zakh Fair

Superhero, Western, Martial Arts, Manga
Tim McEwen

Tim McEwen

Indie, Creator Owned, Satire, Graphic Novel, Action, Adventure, Funny Animal, Furry

Tad Pietrzykowski

Superhero, Sci-fi

Stephen Kok

Graphic Novel Creator


Webcomics, Illustrations, 3D
Silver Fox

Silver Fox Comics

Indie, Creator Owned, Action, Adventure, Australiana, Spy, Comedy, Kidults, Horror
Shannon Browning

Shannon Browning

Action, Comedy, Superhero, Parody

Safdar Ahmed

Graphic Journalism, Autobio comics

RW Adams

Young Readers, Horror, Fantasy Realism, Indie, Paeans To The Generally Confused

Robert Luxford

Indie, Sci Fi, horror, dark fantasy, Dark Comedy writer
Robbie Donaldson

Robbie Donaldson

Children Books, Skibbles
Crystal Sea

Richard Smith

Indie Graphic Novels
Trust Dare Media

Quentin D. Young

Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Cli-Fi
Plaguelands Media

Plaguelands Media

Horror, kids books, short stories

Peter Wilson

funny comic creator, indie cartoonist, digital artist, concept art
Pete Fairfax

Pete Fairfax

Sword & Sorcery, Sci-Fi

Paul Caggegi

General Illustration
Oli Ward comics

Oli Ward

Indie, High Sci-fi/Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Cartoon Style

Nicole Kane

Indie Comic Writer, Comic Letterer, Horror and Fantasy
Mad Magpie logo

Mitchell Edwards

Fantasy/Medieval, Sci-Fi/Apocalyptic, Indie

Max Battistella

Fantasy, superhero, indie, self published
Maurilio DNA

Maurilio DNA

manga, adult, seinen, sci-fi

Louie Joyce

Zines, Indie, Superhero, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Anime, Animation

Jesse Vor

Cosmic Horror, Science Fiction, Surrealism, future noir, lgbtq+, indie
Jarrod Elvin

Jarrod Elvin

Indie, comics, comic artist, artist, cartoons, original characters, superhero, adventure, mystery, thriller
Jane Hodges

Jane Hodges

Pin Up, Manga, Indie, Concept Art, Design

Jamie Johnson

Modern Superhero Cover Art

Jackie Tran


J Scherpenhuizen

Graphic Storytelling, Love, Horror, Superheroes
Zac George

Isaac George

A blend of history and mythology, anti-hero

GHOTI Inc / Foolproof Comics

superhero, parody, humour, alcohol

Dushan Silva


Duncan Pranevicius

Neo-Noir, Indie, Manga, Grimdark Fantasy, Superhero

David Wargo

Indie, Creator Owned, Graphic Novel, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Web-Comics
Colin Wells

Colin Wells

Superhero, Horror, Sci-Fi

Christopher Sequeira

Superheroes, Mystery, Horror, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Fiction, non-fiction,
Chris Pitcairn

Chris Pitcairn

Dark Fantasy, Alternative Superhero, Horror

Chiara Arena

Graphic Novels

Bradley Adan

Manga, Superhero, Drama
Big Tim Stiles

Big Tim Stiles


Benji Newman Art

Fan Art, TMNT, Masters of the Universe, nostalgia
Ben Mitchell

Ben Mitchell

Thriller, Noir, Satire, non-fiction, Punk
Alister Lockhart

Alister Lockhart

Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy

Alex Major

Cartoon comics/animation

Adrian Nicita

Superhero, Indie, Commissions
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