Super Ready Battle Armour #3 Review: It’s There

It’s hard to be bamboozled by a story. It’s also very hard to grind a story to a halt, and yet Super Ready Battle Armour #3 managed to do so. It’s a weird situation and it’s not yet done. SRBA 3 has more problems now more than ever. Whilst the art style is consistently getting …

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Super Ready Battle Armour #2 Review: Life or Death?

When it comes to the modern protagonist, it’s common for them to be itching to use their super powers. It’s not always smart to do so, but the call to adventure is too hard to resist. It seems the protagonist of Super Ready Battle Armor #2 is the same. SRBA #2 is a bit of …

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Stuck At Potential: Super Ready Battle Armour #1 Review

Part of doing reviews is seeing a lot of stories, especially first chapters. You’re bound to see many great opening stories, many of which offer insight into a new world. Over time, you’ll find some stories that are harder than usual to digest. Super Ready Battle Armour #1 offers quite an artistic, manga-like take into …

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