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In Purgatory #4 Review: That Short Origin Story

Origin stories are common in comic books, and it’s rare to find a proper origin story from Australian titles. Many serials are not long enough to matter, whilst some go for action-packed stories that show off what the character is capable off. In Purgatory #4 is one of the rare origin stories that also tie …

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Apocalypse Then And Now: In Purgatory #3 Review

It’s rare to see the words “Four Horsemen”, “comedy”, and “fantasy” in one sentence. Even then, In Purgatory #3 has the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in a fantasy-comedy comic book! That’s awesome. In Purgatory #3, titled Apocalypse Then and Now, is the best chapter of the series so far. Not only has the quality …

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The Price of Loyalty: In Purgatory #2 Review

Vendetta is a hard thing to keep, especially after death. Even then, the idea of revenge lasting after you pass away is something In Purgatory #2 tries to deal with. In Purgatory #2, titled The Ghost That Haunts, is a continuation of the swerves and chicanery to further a long-standing grudge. It is painful to …

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Grim Perfection: In Purgatory #1 Review

What will you do once you reach Purgatory? What can you do in Purgatory? Will you take over Purgatory if you have the chance? Welcome to the Underrealm is the first chapter to In Purgatory. It’s quite the read, combining fantastic storytelling, good art, and comedic timing to become one of my favourite stories out …

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