Maybe It’s All Bad: Collateral – Dear John #5 Review

Good things sometimes need an end, and Collateral – Dear John #5 is the end to this brief inspection into the human psyche. Even with this temporary ending (it’s a 12 chapter story), the chapter feels abrupt, making you ask for more. It’s All Bad is not all bad at all. It has its good …

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One Door Opens, Another Closes: Collateral – Dear John #4 Review

When does hero worship become too much? When do civilians get the right to rise up and stop being collateral damage? These are the questions that Matt and Lee ask with Collateral – Dear John #4. Titled “One Door Opens, Another Closes”, we look deeper into the disenfranchisement of John, Mary, and their family. The …

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Victims of Circumstances: Collateral – Dear John #2 Review

It’s easy to say that everything will be ok until it’s your family that’s affected. Collateral – Dear John #2 continues to drive home how seemingly small problems can be bigger than the world around you. If you’re scrambling around looking for a job, no amount of villainy is more important than putting food on …

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A Mad, Mad World: Collateral – Dear John #1 (Vacant City) Review

One of the most recent narrative techniques we’ve seen are worlds where the normal humans are bullied into submission by superpowered beings. We see these in stories like The Boys, Preacher, Hellblazer, and even Mark Waid’s Irredeemable. Vacant City, Collateral’s first chapter, is a great Australian comic book tail that targets just that. Collateral – …

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