The Pandemic Is Here! Bazza, The Bat, and The Drop Bears #1 Review

With the Coronavirus attacking, it’s now harder to do some monster-killing in fantasy-land Australia. With that said, it can’t stop Bazza The Bogan Barbarian from beating them to a pulp. Bazza The Bogan Barbarian seemingly has a new series called Bazza, The Bat, and The Drop Bears. Does it hold up to Bazza’s previous adventures? …

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‘Straya, F*** Yeah Mate! Bazza The Bogan Barbarian Review

There are only a few comics that I can classify as bodaciously Australian comic books. These are stories where they are 100% Australian when you squeeze every once. Bazza The Bogan Barbarian’s Australian Alien Invasion is your quintessential Australian story. Much like its predecessors like The Jackaroo, Australian Alien Invasion has so much Australia flowing …

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